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Thanks, thats nice

Okay, done. I hope i didnt miss any of you. If i did please reply to this reply. It was an honor to make a deal with you guys. I helped you, you helped me :D.

Fun little game. I liked the music in the background. The concept is great too and the way the score is your hp is smart. The way the camera doesnt rotate is a bit weird, sometimes i didnt know if i would hit the object or not :D. I found a "unintentional" bug: I had like 800 and i ran into a wall and it let me through, then it just made my score smaller and smaller until i lost. Still great game though.

Fun game concept! The art is nice and simple, also the music is great. I loved the particle stuuf that appeared when i died. But fullscreen isnt working properly, a small upper part is outside the screen in fullscreen. Still a great game ;D

Thx for the feedback :D

Cool game, things that i liked: the art, the concept, the background, the whole game. Things i didnt like: nothing.

Nice graphic design, also the music just rocks. The concept is great too, i would reccomend making the speeds change gradually (etc. the walk and fly speed). Still cool.

Fun game, the spray was really fun to play with (and kill with).

Thanks for playing. I'll try to add more bugs

The art is really brilliant. The concept too. The music too. Its just a brilliant game.

Ill try to work on balance, thanks.

Yea, ill add some 100x buttons and stuff. Thanks for the feedback.

Great puzzle game, the art is stunningly beautiful and the music is fitting. I see great potential in this puzzle mechanic. Just please make an pixel art image for the wall.

Nice little game, i liked the pixel art. but try zo be consistent and have one type of art everywhere (the menu could be pixel art too). The buggy movement is more frustrating than fun but i can see the time that went into making it feel buggy, and it does :D

It looks simple but fantastic, the idea is cool, everything just works and fits together. I dont have anything bad to say about this game.

Fun concept and great music, i also liked the hs table, it adds so much replayability (if thats a word).

Nice game, at first I thought it was going to be a classic platformer but then, it started being pretty cool. The idea is amazing, also the art and the music is very nice. I would suggest having the camera show the whole room when you are in the "hack" state, cause sometimes i didnt know what i was moving. Its a great game, i would like to see more levels :D

Greate game, music was really fitting, the artstyle was simple but nice and the concept is easy and fun! I get that the movement is meant to be buggy and hard to control but it was a little too much. Also the wowie sound was really epic. Overall a fun and nice game.

Wow, this game rocks, I wanted to play it again and again. It looks pretty nice and the music is great. And the concept is even better.  I would suggest making the music start once and then loop, cause now if I travel into another "room" the music starts again and I really want to hear the whole cool song.

Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks sir, I will rate your game as well. Dont worry :D

Thx, thx.

We tried :D I will try to continue on this project. Thanks for the feedback.

Yea, ill try to do that. Thanks.

Ok, we thought about making the defenders part into a tower defense. Thanks for the feedback.


Thanks, im glad i didnt make the art myself, ot would be catastrophic.

This is the best game from this jam i played so far. It looks awesome and it feels awesome. Also all the ideas and sounds are great. Just a little "unintentional" bug i found: if you hold jump button and jump on a platform from down you keep jumping under the platform.

Im sorry but i really dont know what to do in this game, maybe a menu with a tutorial would help. But else than that it looks awesome (i love those small pixelart games) and it souns awesome.

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I dont know it for sure but if this game is local multiplayer than its a fun concept. It doesnt look that good but woo cares :P A menu would definitely help. Also you could make the game be called The Ball as a file instead of THEGAME and flappy bird

This game is really fun i debuged the boss twice and i want to do it again. I think the particles really help. Just the way he made platforms dissapear was pretty unexpectable, maybe make the platform flash red and white and then dissapear or something to make it predictable.

Nice game. Its really funny to see hundrets of Jonases shouting WOWIE. I would implement a menu or something cause now it just jumps straight to the action. Also a game over would help. Else than that its a great funny game with a interestiong concept.

Okay, i played it: It is awesome.  The controls are nice, there arent any unintentional bugs and its pretty smooth. I think that this game would be a perfect puzzle game if you made the art a little prettier.

Thx, im thinking about deleting the defenders part and making it a tower defense

Thanks everybody for suggestions

Ok I'll try

Im sorry i cant rate this game, windows says its some dangerous stuff. I trust you but my pc does not... Maybe add a .rar file so i can play it.

Wow! This game is great. It looks really good. I liked the way I said I want to exit the game but it still asked me are you sure and things... Music in this game is also spectacular. I dont have anything bad to say about this game, i would like a pc version too :D

Nice game. I think the camera rotating isnt needed but else than that it sounds good and looks good. Also the bugs that follow you are a little messy but they really look like bugs. Overall i really liked this one.

Wow, this game look awesome, it has cool animations and its a fun concept. I really love the gui look, and overall it looks consistent and nice. I would recommend a menu cause the game just jumped into action. The music is, i think it should start with a slower/more quiet part. Also the concept of the game working not as excepted is cool, but a little hint would help cause else you just have to remember the path. Overall its a simple, fun and cool game.