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Estimated playtime of a first paythrough?

Yeah, it's another vid. I'll try and give you the TL;DR

If there was anything interesting to read on the tomb door I missed it because I pre-emptively smashed it.

I veered off course right in front of the double jump because the jump to the left was do-able.

I absolutely love how the stake burns the worms and makes the giant bats dab.

I spent a good chunk of time missing 2 vampires because I missed the false wall behind another vampire. I just stuck him and immediately 180'd.

Is it possible to No-Hit the final boss? I tried a bunch of movement apart from inverting and still got clipped a ton. 

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[Playthrough removed]

I assumed I couldn't get through the vertical green room due to the mud (and needed something for it), so I spent what felt like 15 minutes seeing if there was some jumping technique to reach a switch that eventually needed the boomerang.

I've included An Eldritch Dive in my video covering Brackey's Game Jam @ 1:02:34

I've included Deep Space Rescue in my video covering Brackey's Game Jam @ 51:46

I've included Folder Dungeon in my video covering Brackey's Game Jam @ 38:22

I've included Exploration Log in my video covering Brackey's Game Jam @ 32:05

I've included Vanta Noir in my video covering Brackey's Game Jam @ 21:13

I've included Roastmaster Rumbler in my video covering Brackey's Game Jam @ 0:00

This popped up when I reloaded the page and selected continue.

Bug encountered on final boss:

He blew up and flew off screen, 

the doors didn't open,

I continue to hear him shooting off screen,

boss then flies back through the boss room,

eventually dashed through the left wall when the boss sprite was flying out of the right side of the screen,

fell through the floor I guess?

Managed to accidentally reset the game on controller when in the pause menu. I'm not retreading this ground.

Decent work otherwise.

I recorded a loop by recording the chrome tab in OBS, put it in Resolve and raised the volume bars higher since the initial volume was pretty low.

Here's a playthrough.

It definitely feels like Dark Dragon takes a HUGE chunk of time compared to everyone else.  Also it's not clear if multiple super-bombs are all dealing their damage or if the follow-ups are ineffective due to the boss having i-frame after being hit by the first one.

I also recall that I ran out of super-bombs on the first attempt with no way to get any others.

I put some stock footage to the OST because I thought it should be on YT somewhere. Is this okay with you? (It's currently unlisted). I could host the video file for you to grab you'd want to upload it on your own channel.

I had to put them in their place :) 

I've included Shippy in my LRJ video @ 2:17:05

I've included Blue Stealth in my LRJ video @ 2:15:44, I believe I got softlocked

I've included Release 'Em All in my LRJ video @ 2:12:44

I've included Infinite Tree Pinball in my LRJ video @ 2:03:25

I've included Firebug in my LRJ video @ 2:00:03

I've included Recursion in my LRJ video @ 1:47:33

I've included Canyon Crisis in my LRJ video @ 1:45:45

I've included Cannons & Crashes in my LRJ video @ 1:38:15

I've included Banana Duck in my LRJ video @ 1:26:09

I've included Six Spaceships in my LRJ video @ 53:28, I am very horrible.

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I've included Recursoban in my LRJ video @ 41:10 (I added some BG music for the video)

I've included Outbreak in my LRJ video @ 37:09

I've included Dual Breach in my LRJ video @ 24:47

I posted about this game in a discord and someone's already done a speedrun of it 

I've included Carl Goes to Space in my LRJ video @ 11:29

I've included Punch Tower in my LRJ video @ 8:16. Damn, you're really prolific. :)

I've included Wired West in my LRJ video @ 1:18

This game beat me up! I decided on my own easy mode by just playing with the 3 leftmost spaceships. 


Download version: After the Godot Game Engine splash screen it's just black. There's music and sounds when I pressed buttons, which implies the game is happening, but all the visuals are black.

Got stuck above the elevator in the shaft and selected Restart from the pause menu. When I got back to the shaft the elevator was not reset to it's position at the bottom of the shaft

the download version seems to get (visually) stuck on the Godot Game Engine splash screen. I mashed a few buttons and I hear noises like I'm successfully making my way through the menus still.

I've included Poki at 1:44:03 in a video covering the GMTK Game Jam.