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Thank you! This weekend I will release the next version of the beta which includes many more features than what is currently in the game.

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What is it?

CC: Solidarity is an adventure/strategy/tactical game where your goal is to unite the five races (human, goblin, elf, dwarf, and demon) to stop the force known as Vice that is sweeping across the land known as the Ethereal Plane. You, the player, travel throughout an overworld completing quests and various objectives as you travel the five kingdoms. The difficulty scales with your progression through the game. The player collects unit cards and support cards (to aid the units in battle).

Game Link:

Unit Cards and Support Cards:

Unit cards can be the diamond in the rough, or they can be the stone in the backyard. Collecting these is essential to your success in the Ethereal Plane. Each Unit card has several stats that determine its overall effectiveness in battle. These stats are as follows: attack, defense, hitpoints, strength, accuracy, evasion, luck, and speed. Each stat affects the unit in a different way. Every unit in the game also has a race and a type to go with it (melee, ranged, magic). Some race and type combinations can be deadly to others, but are also weak to some. One of the more important things to keep track of with unit cards are the Oath each one has. A unit cards Oath determines how many times he will fight alongside you in battle. Support cards are applied in the beginning of a battle in order to boost the stat of one of your units.

The Battle System:

The Prep Phase: 

    -In the prep phase, you are able to choose which combination of five Unit cards and up to five Support cards you wish to use against your opponent. During this time, you are also able to see the Unit cards that your opponent are bringing to the battle. I recommend you pick your cards heavily based on type advantage.

The Battle Phase:

    -In the Battle phase, every card takes a turn in an order that is based on speed. Enemies will always attack whomever they can land the most damage on, so be weary of that. Each card has a stamina bar that increases by one each turn it takes .Your options for a Unit card are as follows: 

  • Light Attack; Cost 1 Stamina; Damage 75%
  • Medium Attack; Cost 2 Stamina; Damage 150%
  • Heavy Attack; Cost 3 Stamina; Damage 250%
  • Wait; +1 Stamina
  • Run (if applicable)
The Reward Phase:

If the player is victorious in battle, said player will receive an amount of gold based on his/her level and potentially a reward card (unit or support).

If the player falls to the opponent, said player will lose gold based on the current level, and the player is also sent back to the last fast travel point they visited.

What is currently in the BETA?

The beta currently includes only the polished combat system, and the difficulty is scaled to level 8 out of 9 levels to get a feel for how combat will be in the real game. You begin the beta with random cards based on your level and random support cards based on your level. The battle phase is completely animated with Units and attacks. Below is some gameplay of the battle system in action.

What are the next updates for the beta?

The next update to the beta will include an overworld for you to walk around and face enemies in combat and receive rewards. That update will also feature the pause menu as well as the shop system for the game.


I would love to hear any feedback good or bad. I am completely open to taking suggestions for improvements or changes to the game or any of the future plans for the game.