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Bustin' makes me feel good

It's funny that you have to pay $1 even when it's on sale due to's payment methods. It's the smallest inconvenience.

Awesome thanks. The "paid" version I mentioned was the possible steam version mentioned on the game page.

Will the final paid version of the game have the same features as the final patreon build or will there be patreon exclusive features?

I requested a refund a couple days ago. Since then I've added information by replying to the "request received" e-mail.

Is there a cut off time where replying to the e-mail doesn't matter? Also if my refund is denied, would I get a response? I haven't heard back from support yet.

Thanks in advance.

Ahhh that's why I was confused.

Awesome, thanks!

Tailbound community · Created a new topic Gallery question.

Is there a button/key to toggle the scene text on/off in the game or in the gallery? I thought there was but I'm probably thinking of something else.

Do you have any plans on selling the full versions of your games here on itch? If so please include the patreon content even if it is added in later on.

If the game is finished, does that mean there won't be a save system or gallery?

I've only read comments on here and on steam but it seems those are two big features that are missing.

Is there or will there ever be any content exclusive to patreon supporters?

The email is It was posted on their site under the contact section.


Is there going to be a paid version of this game here on itch?

The patreon page says

Thank you for your support! <3

  • Tier 1 + 2 content
  • Full Game when finished

So I'd assume it also gets early access.

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Will your lurker tier give access to updates only for the month or will I still get earlier access than the public after?

Also how much will the game cost when it is available to buy?

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It'll be patreon only for a while but eventually it'll be part of the paid itch version.

So if Hotpink is trying to work things out who reported the game?

Any way to buy the patreon version on itch? I don"t like using patreon to get games.

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Thanks for the reply. It's just the pop up one that bothers me.

Edit: The itch and patreon version are NOT going to have the same content apparently. There will be permanent exclusives.

Hope this helps ❤️ 

I bought the game and noticed the pop up that says the patreon version has exclusive content? Will it also be here on itch? 

Also can you get rid of the pop up in the paid version? I already bought the game so why is there an ad on the start screen when I try to play it?

Wish I knew that earlier

Is there a way to look around in the camera without using the mouse? It moves way to fast for me.

This is in the demo btw

Thanks. I'll wait for the game to be finished on itch before buying then. The patreon model sounds iffy to me.

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If I become a patron for a month do I still get future updates or should I buy the game on itch instead? Also, will the itch paid version eventually get the speed up options?

Hi, is there going to be a paid version here?

Also can there be a feature to limit/customize the enemies appearances?  I mostly want to disable certain hair options on the male enemies.

eh still i prefer nudity in a game like this

In the sweets level there is a hidden crawl space. It doesn't have air coming out of it either so its harder to find.

Shame the annie honey maker image has annie in a swimsuit

Hailey moves and the camera follows her

When the double animations for two wasps or a wasp and spider finishes, it forces hailey to walk forward until she hits a wall.

Also the first red skeleton (at the top of the rope) in the red pyramid stage is in a terrible spot. The only way I could kill it was to jump off the rope, hit it, and climb back up to do it again. Does anyone have a better way of doing it?

What does "foxy is no in level 3" mean?

how do you scroll through the twitter app?

Will it be possible to buy the uncensored version here on

Will it be possible to buy the game here to get the future updates?

Is there going to be full nude/alternate outfit scene variants in this game? I'm not a fan of the current outfit.

How much of this game is gonna be rape?

Still can't find a demo and now the price went u

It only has the buy option.

Is there still a demo or was it removed