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Game looks beautiful! Heavy Celeste vibes in the best way possible.

Fun. but simple game. Think it would be cool if you continue working on the game, to add things like upgrades or better graphics. All around fun and addicting game.

dope game, though the last desert level is insanely easy compared to the rest of the desert

Cool addictive game. Would work amazingly as a mobile if it isn't already

Cool game, really relaxing to play while listening to podcasts.

This is normally not my type of game, but Jesus Christ this was amazing. I nearly cried multiple times. Thank you.

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed the game!

Thank you so much!

Hey, I really love these animations but I don't have Aseprite. I can't find a way to convert them to png without Aseprite. Is there any way you can include a folder of png animation strips?

Love the retro, Megaman-esk graphics, and it was fun to play. Hitboxes are bigger than they appear though and end up dealing unnecessary damage.

Creative gameplay! Came here from Black Resin.