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hey op i hope you're okay, you haven't posted in a while and while you obviously aren't obligated to post, i just wanted to say that i think about this game a lot and i hope you're doing alright. :)

finally, a dating sim i can get behind >:)

tbh knowing that armageddon could literally come any day now makes this game so much more effective.

so so super happy for a new Angela He game :D

oh my god this is so cute!!!! pleaseeee make some kind of follow-up story one day <3

ive been following this game for such a long time, its so nice to see it out here ^^

amazing. love it.

oh god the car wont stop rolling

my game just kinda froze after i got the 1% battery notif, was that on purpose?

jatay my beloved <3

came here from Jaiden Animations, left with a beautiful rat family.

coin locations

month 1: kitchen trashcan
month 2: dresser
month 3: bathroom sink
month 4: behind the couch
month 5: behind the tv
month 6: kitchen sink
month 7: under bedroom lamp
month 8: very bottom right kitchen cabinet
month 9: very upper right corner

I am SO excited to see the full version, count on it 100% I'll be one of the first to own it, the art, the writing, the storyline so far? I'm SEVERLY invested.

1/10, would be better if the game actually worked ;/

knife on table = hanging himself (room full of boxes)

Kurt Cobain on spotify / bullet on table = shoots himself (gun on living room table)

green bottle on table = overdose (pills in bathroom sink connected to bedroom)

car running w/ gasoline in corner = poisoning

Cutlery on counter / pictures of arm muscles on laptop = slit wrists  (knife on other bathroom sink)

bread on floor = toaster (kitchen counter)

5th note on fridge =

bloody cross in room with boxes  = crucifies himself?? (bible on nightstand)

pink pictures on computer / cup next to bleach = drinks bleach (bleach in bathroom inside living room)

Amazing story, as someone still looking for a diagnosis for her invisible illness, it definitely makes me happy that Rae got hers :,)

great game! i dont fully understand anything but there's so much room for improvement

ooh this game is a significant step up from your other games!! (not to say they arent good too)

i really like it, ive been struggling with depression for a very long time and this kind of quells the itch for that sense of self punishment, idk ill probably sound weird but thank you

10000/10 best game ever

genuinely shocked at how many people dont know that this is a rick and morty reference fml

The game is lovely! all the artwork and scenes are beautiful! My only problem is that the Chatbox is too light, and I have a bit of trouble reading the text because of that.

I absolutely loved this demo, i just came across it a few days ago and i would kill to see this as a full fledged game, the art style is amazing, cute with a sense or morbidity. The main character is someone i can somewhat relate to, and her design is simple, but memorable. I hope one day i can play shroom soup in full! <3

Yet another beautiful game! I genuinely cannot wait for more, the sound design is superb and the graphics really give you a sense of terrifying nostalgia!

This game was SO GOOD! despite being so short i enjoyed it immensely and this series has so much future potential. good luck on your future games! i'm impressed! <3