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well I won't remember, if you can share event packages and so on, but if you do it will take a long time because of the amount of possible events not to mention that the basic UI of the game will still be in Portuguese

no, I thought the game had it, but I think if you go to the creator's twitter and ask him to do a localization for English, maybe he'll try, IG&B 2 also has a way to make customized event packages

No, this game will not have more updates because the creator has already made a sequel, just search for IG&B 2 in steam, and yes it is paid

look, its pretty useless, but I like it, could you add a filter for the DLCs or maybe a roulette wheel to choose which ending to get, like going to Dogma, Mega Satan, Delirium, etc. I hope these ideas help you ;)

I was not the one who discovered the possible source of the problem, but rather a Brazilian Youtube channel, the game seems to have a certain incompatibility with some video cards, the test done on the video was to turn off the video card and open the game,  it detonates the performance of the pc but if you see any character that had this problem it will be with the normal sprit

The video for those who are curious and understand Portuguese

uhh... hi i'm having problems with Fnf x86 version 5, like Gf being a black square, when I play for a few weeks, the game closes when it starts to load and in other weeks at the end the game also closes, it has to be resolved this?

It isn’t today that the game suffers from this bug, I can’t have a good experience of the game if I’m wanting to play week 1 ahead and the game just crashes when I select a week and there’s the girlfriend problem becoming a black cube by "missing" from your file

I play the 86x version of the game because I don't have 64-bit windows, but this version is broken, the Girlfriend doesn't appear, besides the title screen and I can't play past week 1 and I crash every time I finish the tutorial and week one and when i try to play the other weeks, if something can help me with that I would be grateful