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Really fun game, thing gets really chaotic when different enemies come from different sides and a bomb blows up in front of your face. I love it

thank you for playing dude! Yeah sure, I will ask my programmer dude, if he will upload

Another fantastic game, as always! Im usually not into puzzle games, but this one was clever, entertaining and relaxing. The mysterious atmosphere with everything being so calm turned out to be very, very addicting


Yes, I plan to release separate packs in the future, they will contain characters, buildings for village, items etc, also thanks! 

You are amazing as always! Haha, thanks Aplove!

It is!

If you check the main Underneath page, it has a web build, this page is a devlog

Thank you for answering! That’s correct

Wait, thats illegal...

Oh you are too kind!

Thanks! You can open the “details” and there will be a link below or you can scroll up and itch io will suggest you the LD page at the top

Thanks a lot for the detailed feedback! Glad you liked the game

Right, haha, thanks for playing mate! And glad you liked it 

Thank you <3

Thank you! And yeah the colors are picked up by me :)


Thank you! The palette is HEPT 32

Another wonderful game :) I got 00051 points!

So lovely :D Great game Kultisti, as always. I really love the UI, so clever and stylish

Thanks Nol! Glad you liked the idea :) Yeah, the controls indeed are very slippery, we definitely had a room to fix them |:^) As well as the game's difficulty, but we will keep in mind all that next time!


Thanks for playing!

Glad you liked it!

Yes, exactly, we played the game too much so timer is too punishing, Thanks for the feedback anyway!

Thanks a lot for the kind words!

Yeah haha, thanks for playing! Sheer difficulty probably is the biggest miss in the game so yuh

Thanks for the feedback! Yeah the controls could have been better with some fixes indeed

Yeah that sounds right, maybe after the jam 

Thanks for the feedback! I actually agree on everything haha, so no worries

Agreed on everything! Thanks for the feedback

Thanks for the feedback! True that, sorry for the difficulty

Oh thanks a lot Jonas! Yes, its always like you play your own game a lot while you make it and it feels easier than to others, we gotta learn doing that right

Thank you so much for reviewing a lot of the games in jam, that means so much to the devs! Keep up the work man

It has coyote jump and jump buffering as well. Also, what do you mean, unforgiving nature?

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Watching you was like watching a football match! Very exciting, thanks a lot for the feedback! Yes the difficulty curve was quite... too curved indeed. We should have made it more obvious that you have to think of your moves inside of each level to understand how to optimize the run as much as you can. However great video, finally I understood how the game felt from others point of view! 

Thanks man :^)

Thanks a lot! Glad to hear that

Fuck, you made my day

Thank you so so much for such wonderful words, we will keep that in mind)