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font looks good

i am still fascinated with this game. the world you built is so interesting, i love the characters and what you can learn about them. i just want to know more about this place and other travels of the protagonist. this is one game from that jam that I still have.

what an awesome demake, i loved how you balanced the different weapons to make them stand apart from how you use them in the original doom, with the shotgun you really have to get in their face, and the chaingun slowing you down is a nice idea to make the plasma gun feel like a great upgrade. i was underwhelmed by the rocket launcher though, i think sometimes it wouldn't take an imp down in one rocket, and i would make it have a larger blast radius. 

Love the maps and the sprites too, you made everything work great with the limited palette 

the colors on this are so good

I really liked it, the demo campaign kept me surprised throughout. the game would be a lot better with some more developed UI and better camera orbiting

thank. by the way i ended up completing the demo after like 10 tries and it's only 1 minute long, that's alright

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it's good but no check points? it is absolutely necessary to be able to skip the first two rooms with the sledgehammer an aw when you die. i like that the enemies can fall down and not die, more games should do this

it shows exactly where i ran into this, windows defender flags your game as a virus.

what's up with that?

to me this is why pc gaming is great. love doom, love mods, love communities

love the design of the planet but I couldn't figure out how to hold up people while they are lying down

i like the isometric look

Thanks a lot, it was a team effort, we split the efforts between graphics and programming ❤

i like the story and the dialogue.

I really like the look of the game and how you made the multiplayer element. the dungeon i saw was very hard, i couldn't find a single staff that didn't create a fire-breathing monster. game needs a piss button to extinguish yourself

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47. i played it a bunch of times. i like the different dungeons, and i really loved what all the creatures have to say. paints an interesting picture of the world they inhabit. 

excited for this

game looks good

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i like the psx look, but if you want to make it look even better, i'd make it a bit less aliased. if you could make it so the edges of the car stand out from the world, that would be awesome. right now it looks like you have some screen smoothing going on

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game looks good

glad to know this is still being worked on

I really liked the graphics and the setting in this game. it deserves a paid release and more eyes on it

i love snow ❤

this looks so good, i love the different options you can play around wit

well deserved first place

the art goes crazy

incredible aesthetics, crazy action. you got the feel of 2000s games just right. This deserves a bigger release

artwork looks great, how was the scene with the motel exterior made?

can't get past the first wall

Looks great, I gotta play it

I just love games with alien and gritty worlds. seeing big future for water museum and cdbunker2 in 2024

I like road trips, I'll download thi


I love your generators and visual style

I love games with energy like this. This is what games should be all about. From the floating UI in the sky to the cars that manage to have character without speaking, this game is funny as hell.

i love this game

This is such a cool idea for a game. I love the PS1 look too

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Found a team, thanks everybody

The author clearly worked hard on the graphics here. The look is absolutely nailed, it's a very natural evolution of the PS1 look. In the levels, the architecture and shapes are great, and the shaders and post processing are the right kind of crunchy. This really is a work of love

What the fuck? Why did you block me? I was going to send you the rest of the assets