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Cool game !

really nice impact when you hit the fake Mask : the movement and the screen shake together result in a very satisfying feeling of impact.

Thanks a lot for sharing this game !

I played twice : 

- first time got killed rapidly

- second time got 3/5 crystals (including 1 boss fight) and got bored :(


- Nice graphics

- No bugs

- Cool minimap

Could be improved :

- Having to go back the same way after fetching a crystal is not ideal (the game already has a door coded for boss fight, why not use doors after getting crystals to create shortcuts back to the ship)

- Infinite flying enemies are obnoxious. Ok they add pressure to the player which might something desirable, but they are not that fun to fight and very repetitive.

- Enemies with attack patterns would be cool

- More weapons would be cool

I hope theses comments are helpful.

I wish you the best

looking cool. could you make a mac build ?

or share the code source so we can build it with godot ?

really cool

looking cool. Can you make a Mac build ? or is this Open Source so I can make the build myself? (it is tagged as open source but I don't see the sources)

very cool !

is this open source ?

Thanks for feedbacks ! it's very helpful.

"More unified graphic" : you are right. I'm working on a shader technique to unify different graphic without resorting to pixel-art/pixelization like many games do.  The next game will have a more professional look (even if visual will remain my weak point).

I played on MacOS

The game seems too fast. especially the "tips" where not shown long enough to read them.

Great concept otherwise. With some tweaking it could become really fun.  

For the future of this project, I hope to expend on the same universe where the player meet, fight or partner with incarnations of societal concepts (like Justice, Order, etc...). I also hope to give it a more political tone, so that different factions have different socio-economic models (capitalism, individualisme, socialism, etc...) embedded both in the gameplay and the background.

Thank you for taking the time to comment and for this constructive criticism. The game already contained credits but now I added them on the page !


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A short game (1 to 3 hours) with cool combats and a fresh story.

It's boss-only, so that every single fight is original and interesting.