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I think it's the longest one in English.

I think RanceX is going to be around 1.8ish.

Better hurry it up so you are still ahead when the translation finishes ;)

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I think its more in reference to the cost for content comparison.

Most new games in this genre/game type, on first release do not ask for 12USD.

Personally I wouldnt touch it, for the same reason I don't touch early access games.

Paying for something I haven't at least tested, without guarantee of content completion is silly, especially when you factor in the abandonment rate of projects on this site.

For reference I think you should look at the pricing/release method of the better rated and popular games of sinilar type on this site.

You'll probably see that they are entierely funded via the patreon or ask for like half of what you do.

And since patreon would always be a better income generator you would want to encourage more people to play your game to then decide to support it. Having an entry cost reduces that. Also, based on community talk, upfront costs so early are taken more as a sign of a pump and dump project. Especially from a new creator. Ones with a track record of completing projects woupd get more leeway.

Refer to creator Agastopia for example of that

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Only just started out, seems ok, but has a few visual bugs.
Clicked on 'auto' and it becomes a white box that you cant get rid of until you reboot the game. 

Also during the conversation when CJ is first shown his dorm room, each time the sprites change (ie for new pose/expression/or swapping person) the character sprites flicker for a fraction of a second and you see a translucent box with some icon in it that replaces the sprite (about the same size if not bigger), its such a fast flicker that I cant see what it is, but it's there. 

Thats as far in as I am so far so unsure if this visual glitch continues

Are you trying to download it through the itch app?

Cause I've found that is a very common error for games that are not hosted through itch

Not entirely accurate because sometimes when you try to run the update it says it cannot be downloaded through a 3rd party

Is there meant to be any audio for this one?
It's a little disconcerting having volume slide bars in the menu but not being able to hear anything ever.

Would be nice to have some bg slotted in at some point (unless its already there and my dl is bugged 

Was interested in playing, but I can't get passed the grammar issues in the prologue.
If you can't be bothered to check your dialogue/text it makes it harder for anyone else to pick up and get into your game. 

If your intro is poorly written the expectation is that so is the rest of the game,

I might check in down the line, but for now I am out. At least halfway decent grammar is a must for me and your intro is like a foreign language was thrown into google translate

All good.

I knew the skill was increasing, well at least confident based on my own renpy code knowledge, "stat +=1" so assumed it was a visuals thing and thats it.

Still thought to pass it on incase you hadn't known :)

Anyway, found your game yesterday and have thus far quite enjoyed it.

Looking forward to further content, and a little awed at your weekly update commitment.

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Small bug I encountered.

When doing the martial training the martial stat meter in your character sheet doesn't update until I got to Martial 4. So the stat was increasing behind the scenes but the character sheet just showed Martial 1 until I got to Martial 4 and then it just skipped ahead

edit: spelling

All good, I figured it out. Its an issue with the launcher. 
When a game updates it creates a new install folder. Just had to copy the saves from the old folder into the new one

I'm not sure if English isn't your first language or something. But I would recommend having someone look over/edit the dialogue.
I have just started, and there are numerous grammar errors in just the initial conversation with the mother at the start

Not quite sure what happened but with the update my save file from episode 1 disappeared

Soooo....whats the real reason now? Chronic disability payments being your only income or you're still a child in highschool and your allowance from mommy and daddy is your only income?

Man, you must hate demos then.

All that baiting XD