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There is no save, it reset now as I opened it so that should be implemented, rather with "export" and then Prestige. And don't be hard against yourselves with deadlines, it does take somewhat about at least a month, a week is way too shoer to develop a descent game with the most basic functions

This is an incrementakl game. In such games, there is a "prestige" function, something that restarts the game and gives some kind of bonus, when things start to get slow, you are supposed to unlock it or get to it and restart to get that bonus. I played for a while, it has not unlocked yet, perhaps it will soon. I will play for another hour or so and see.

Godot, is that C# or c++?

SERIOUS game breaking bug: When the  browser or game app is not in focus, running any other app, the game pauses. Isn't this supposed to be an IDLE game??? Please fix this or the game is unplayable!

I love this game please never abandon it...

I really want to play it on Windows. Forget ads, they are just annoyance anyway and on Android, there are ways to get around them, or block them. Routers/Wireless access points today have functionality to block domains and ad servers can easily be blocked that way. Why not try distributing it on Steam?

I would still have to deal with google accounts. Why isn't there a real "compatibility layer" that makes those appps seamlessly compatible with Mac or Windows? Without having to deal with Google accounts. If you used Unity, there should be an option to compile it for mac and windows too. Please use it. It's just a click or 2 away.

Funny theme! The more scarce the supply of new idle games of at least acceptable quality there is, the more this rule is broken. Would be fun to see a field that controls it, it could be called "Supply of interesting Idle games" in the game or something...

How dio I run this? I understand I had to download it, now in Explorer what can I do?  It does not seem Windows recoglizer the file. I will consider this as a bug.

Did you have fun playing the EDM hi-hats with the game sound effects? ;-)

GREAT music! What are the tracks??

Here everything works even the sound. It's not too loud but when minions are done missions it can be a lot of dinging. Almost like starting to play "Für Elise".


Reboot And Prestige? Have you implemented that? If you did, then this game is more fun than that "More Ore" I have seen vlogs about when I search for other kinds of vlogs Youtube (I even tried it but this is more fun, the fun is in simplicity)

I use Firefox too so this must be a bug.

It was the first I tried. I even reloaded it to make sure it was not "holding" anything. Rightclicking will not  empty the feeding from the rare bread.

How to UNNASSIGN them? Now they sit there and keep all that "special" bread to depletion...

Why is this game tagged as "idle"? I play only idle games and this is just a complete waste. Rule of thumb: If there is ANY field in your Unity project that says "Game Over" then it should NOT be tagged among "Idle" or "Clicker" games!

Good but can you do it in 30 in-game days? A high score list would be fun...

I could live without those "critical stop" messages popping up. (The sound from old pre-NFT era "Windows NT" was called "Critical stop")

After a while, when most research is done, it stops generating bread and all bread is empty. Why?

This is not a clicker game, it is a spacebar bashing game :-(

Ytust me I have tried coding games like this and the first thing I encountered was this thing about numbers.

You need Breakinfinity. Read the Reddit thread  here

Ja använd exponent istället, som 1.0e+7 Lättare än M, B etc eftersom vi i Sverige har helt andra värden för "en biljon", "en biljard" etc. Engelsk version vore också bra, många spanska utvecklare som inte tänkt på det... 

It is usually the same stuff (Testosterone)  to develop a male body, only that they can be abused by athletic cheaters. Hence the hard control. Doctors also must know the patient really suffers from this disorder and not try to get hold of testosterone. One needs to know if the patient also always wished he had a male body already at birth. That's a clear sign. At least in my hypothesis. I had some experience with Norwegian medical science. I am not sure they try hard enough TBH.

How do I collect what the AI has chopped down and upgrade? The house showed there were 36 of max 36 wood. How to collect? or is it done automatically somehow?

CGA grapgics return! I think I havn't seen this type of vintage graphics recreated in Itch. Is this about acquiring Anabolic steroids from other countries?  I would love seeing some "drug dealer" type where you can build factories and stuff. Ofcourse Norway must have banned Anabolic steroids because they can be abused as doping to cheat in athletics game.

There is no way to collect from the house or update it, I don't know id there is a bug. Also, building a log pile does not work either. good idea though. I never seen an idle game with "real" game type graphics. I think there should be a jam about idle games in Unreal and that has to be rendered as 3D or 3rd/1st person.

There are still variables of the type "int" which make the game unplatable once the orange cubes have been bought, at least it looks like that on firefox

This game is MUCH better than that game about matches that light up on fire if they came too close one another. Good luck to you!

Great game but here are the bugs: Tier does not save. The cube upgrade mechanism deal with "int" it should be "breakinfinity" data type. The game starts to lag also later but my computer is 4 yars old so it can be why.

Don't ever use "int" in an incremental game. Use breakinfinity

Imagine this game with the BreakInfinity.Cs... The numbers could go really high like "[Irrelevant]e+1.8e+1000"

These intrusive "forced totorials" is a real pain! It ruins an otherwise good game. Please remove all tutorials, half the fun is finding out how it works! Better share a link with a PDF for those who really can't find out how to play this game

I am sorry but still All I do is adding those when they become available. I cannot see how many "pesetas?" they cost, or how much I have, and why do the game "crash" as often as it did despite I but that stuff?

How do I decode/decrypt that alien language? I am sure there must be a way? What is this game about actually? It needs a manual

It is very laggy, I suspect those "signs" that come up whenever you hoover the mouse. Please remove them, or at least put a settings function to remove them, it's obvious what everything does anyway.