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Hello, first off I would like to thank you for making this game/simulation free to play, it's really great and I've spent countless hours on it.

I would like to understand more of what is going on in the background and maybe you could help me with some questions I have (or somebody else?)

1. How does the evolution process take place? (The fitness score is a percentage, is it also the probability that this individual creature will reproduce and have offspring in the following generation? Does this mean creatures with a fitness percentage of 0 won't reproduce?)

2.  Does the winner of the generation get a special probability of reproducing compared to e.g. second place? (Like the alpha male in the animal kingdom who gets to mate exponentially more than his second in command)

Also, this is propably a little difficult for me to understand but 

3. What what does a note do in the neural network? (I understand what input and output is, but what does the note in between do? Is there maybe an educational video or something that you could recommend for me to understand what the brain does?)

4. Also, I read somewhere that it makes most sense to stack your layers from big to small, e.g. 100-20-5. Can you confirm this?

I really apreciate how active you are on this board, and again, thank you for making this game! You really did an amazing job there