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Cool! It would be nice if I could skip cutscenes before bosses after I die though. Got very stuck on Choka Demon and currently stuck on Pyre. In particular with Pyre, it's hard to tell what's hurting me. I think the wings hurt me sometimes? And sometimes the head is invulnerable? I had to disable vsync because it did not seem to work properly--it felt like frames were coming in pulses. With vsync off, it seems that frames are sacrificed. In the lava area, this caused substantial freezing, which adds an additional challenge to Pyre! My specs aren't great, but not total trash--high-end macbook pro from 2013. I like the writing so far though. And the visuals and music are quite nice!

Extremely good music. Great characters and aesthetics. The mechanics are nice and playful. Very inspirational.

I am a weird person and would probably like inverted y-axis camera.

Super, super great work.

We made an update that shows a compass when you're far from the rubble of Bogus' house!

Haha, I remember Oddwarg and I talking about that at one point... We'll figure something out

All well!

Thanks :-)

I think Oddwarg fixed this in the launcher. You'll need to redownload from itch and try to run again. Good luck.

Thanks, yeah, I have no idea why. If you use java 8 it will be fine. Hope you enjoyed your time.

OK. From the stack trace, it appears you are missing a native dependency:
I do not know what that is. It seems like you are running an interesting version of linux so maybe you know what that is.
I wouldn't be surprised if you are missing other native dependencies. I added a crude message that is displayed when this kind of error is detected. Good luck?

Nah, the error report is some other thing. Clipboard thing is funny. Anyway, I received the report because you presumably hit the yes button for the send question. I will have oddwarg investigate the cause of the crash.

I accidentally uploaded the wrong binary. Now I probably uploaded the correct one. Maybe now we will get a legit stack.

Hi. This log doesn't have anything good in it because of another bug. I have updated the game to fix this. It will not run still but at least we can actually troubleshoot it.

I'm not sure I totally understand.

This is awesome.

thanks :-) glad you enjoyed it

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I added an alternative windows download "2 (Windows Executable + JRE)" that might be worth trying.

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haha cool. i am also experiencing this. i'll investigate a bit

Interesting. I'll be sure to test using Netscape Naviagtor next time.

Thanks for the feedback!

No, this is Animal Crossing 2 by me.

That is unexpected. that would only happen if javascript `new Date().getDay()` returns a number outside of 0-6


Thanks and see you tomorrow!

This is animal crossing 2 by me!

You might need to click it first but then you can use the arrow keys to move!

What do you mean?

i have many questions but if your thing works then it is fine !!!!!! hope u have fun

The tape in the back and on the right of the shelf just below the TV cause the crash. It just says whatever.exe has stopped working. Not sure if there is a way I can get a useful stack trace for you or something--let me know! The crash happens as soon as I put either of those tapes in.

A couple of the vhs tapes crash the game for me... Otherwise super nice, just what i needed (-:

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cave dream has an *-marked spot where you can reveal the solution to the puzzle. you dont need all the portraits for anything

real good

seems like youre having fun! thanks for playing :-)



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theres a lets play by raocow but i dont think anyone has taken the time to create a text guide!!! good luck!!! i believe in you!!

google chrome is known to flag games as "malicious" or "suspicious", but these files can actually still be kept using a drop-down menu in the download bar. windows detector sounds like bogus software but you might actually be talking about Windows Defender instead. if you can provide screenshots of the messages you receive it would be useful. you might want to investigate the gatekeeper settings in your web browser

you should consider using antivirus software that isnt bad. you may want to change your gatekeeper settings in your browser or operating system in order to play video games. this is the only advice i can offer with such little information