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Anyone who meets this error while trying to start this game:

acknex.exe cannot start at 0xc0000022 On Windows 10

please follow this instruction to turn on DirectPlay feature, it solved my issued!

now I can play this game on Windows 10!

I just loved it!

I  love this 1-bit style!

Just fell in love with this at the first sight!

So Cool!

Thums-up to you bro!

same issue


Wow, cool! I changed global.zoom to 1 and it works like charm now!

Thanks for the help :)

Hi, MZY: 

After pressing "1" and "3" to toggle different screen sizes, I finally managed to see the normal game screen!

Now I can have fun playing & studing your game. Awesome!

So much appreciated for your patient replies.

(P.S. Pressing "2" doesn't work for me)

I have tried again, import project into GMS2.3.4, press F5, and it still doesn't work for me.

Even the native builds I download act the same, so I cannot even play this game on my Windows 10 machine.

Maybe it's some kind of configuration error? 

Can you reproduce this same error as I have?

I have tried both the old one and new one, the source code version and the windows native bulid versions. All these four downloads act the same: Black Screen and White rectangle in the middle. I'm on Windows 10, any solutions?

Hi, MZY:

Ihave just bought this game and source codes.  I use GameMaker Studio 2.3.4 to open this YYZ game project, hit "F5" and run, only to find that there is a black screen with a center white rectangle on the screen. I can hear all the sound effects and the sound of rain drops, but I cannot see anything except this blank white screen.

Any Ideas? Help may be appreciated.



woo, so sweeeet! i gotta take a look!

wow, thank you! Looking forward to the new tutorial!

I bought this but I don't know how to use it.