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Currently Windows only. It's not intensive. 1 or 2GB of RAM, CPU @ 2.2 GHZ

Originally a mobile game, and in early access for Android right now, I have released the same version for Windows!

Rok, a treasure hunter, has been on a long journey in search of the pieces of the Macca, a long lost but highly sought after gem from past times. Along his way he meets Hesh, a well traveled adventurer. Join them and the rest of the cast of characters in search of the treasure and see how the story unfolds in this mobile turn based pixel RPG!

 - Meet a cast of characters as your search for the Dead Sea 

- Battle and exploit weaknesses of enemies in traditional turn based combat 

- Combine gems and enhance your characters 

- Pixel art!

I love the art style and the dialogue throughout the game! Very unique and fun play!

Fun game! Enjoyed the art-style and of course...CATS!


You arrive on an island as Sophie. She and six other individuals have joined a competition survival show. However, things are not what they see. Now Sophie and the other contestants must fight to survive, discover the secrets of the island, and escape.

Join Sophie has she tries to survive on a remote island in this 2D adventure!

50% Launch sale!



Hello!  I have been working part time on this project for close to a year and a half.  I have started to make the game more public with social media and making a game page on itch.  Some screenshots have been updated recently.  It seems to be getting ok traffic but wanted to see if anyone had any suggestions.  Thanks in advance!