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Fantastic! Glad to help inspire :)

I've been turning some ideas over in my head for the jam... life's a little extra right now but the jam is on my mind :)

No problem. :)

Here's a great resource of story and proofing formats:

Glad you enjoyed :)

One thing that really helped me with the editing process was the Prepub proofing format:

I'd "view proofing copy" with that as my proofing format, get a text-based .md file, and paste that into Grammarly. Then I'd take the corrections suggested by Grammarly and hand-make them in Twine.

Hey everyone :)

I mentioned to the creator of this jam over on Reddit that I recently made a poetry-based Twine game (Here) and it was suggested that I post it to the forum :)

Each passage (choices included) is a tanka poem. It's a Lovecraftian psychological horror story with only bad endings. Through replay, you get a clearer idea of what's going on, though it remains a mystery overall (like most Lovecraftian horror).

(Tanka is a bit like haiku/senryu, but with two 7-syllable lines at the end)

I had a blast writing it. Too bad it's well over the 300 word limit for this contest.

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I wrote a new Twine story today. Each passage is a tanka poem.

(Nothing Good Ever Happens Here!)

Desolate, hopeless, horror genre... in poetic form with a choose-your-path spin.

You live here, in a gray world where nothing good ever happens. Explore the desolate landscape, find mysteries and monsters, but never find a way to escape.

13 Dire Endings!

Head over here ;)

Would you guys like me to add music of some sort to this or is its current very-minimal state preferred?

Yeah, I was hoping only being able to do one thing would help the player feel the restriction the character is going through.

I'm actually thinking of having this become the beginning of a longer game after the comp ends. The "get out of bed" of a longer horror game.

You can also play this game online:

Solving the puzzles requires paying attention to details, changing perspectives, and searching ;) Have fun :)

Can be played online as well: