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Hello, Valerianl!

Thanks for your suggestions, I'll pass them along. You should know that we'll be implementing city hall upgrades/offices to provide all sorts of boosts. Anyway, including an additional policy tree may be manageable for us!

Hey, cptredclaw! Thanks for your suggestion!
We're going to consider including some additional production info.

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Yep, currently we're commenting in a 'devlog/update' subpage for an older game version ( LowPolis is now available in version 0.6.2.

We always update all the game for all 3 platforms (Windows/Linux/macOS).
So to download LowPolis for your system you just need to:

  1. Click the "Download Now" button at the main project page.
  2. You can skip donation with "No thanks, just take me to the downloads" link.
  3. Then you'll be redirected to the download page.
  4. There you can choose to download LowPolis for macOS.

Enjoy! 😇

Hey, bobler! 

Yep, we had a small issue with Mac in this update but we've managed to fix it! :)
Please download the current version from the main project page.

Hello, mahathu!

We're going to see what happened there tomorrow. I'm sure you'll be playing the game soon though.
As soon as we fix this issue, you're going to get a reply in this topic! ;)

Hello, Xars! As always, we've been busy with studies and daily jobs, haha.

The greatest global gameplay change is on its way to LowPolis! Map generation was our long-term project and it's almost there. We've done a lot about sound design too. After we some discussions in the team, we're planning to start releasing smaller patches a bit more frequently. Our official Steam page is on its way too, so a lot is happening in the background.

Everything's in order here. Apparently, you're serious about drinking water industry, haha! 😀

Hey, that's really nice of you!

There's usually a lot of valuable feedback under videos from larger creators, which we love. Still, we enjoy sharing these videos in the team, no matter the audience of its creator. We may retweet a nicer thing or two from time to time too.

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Hey, Xars!

You're welcome to join LowPolis Discord server or to create a new thread at our Itch.Io community board. Thanks for asking!

Sure, new maps mean opportunities for some creative city designs. I'm myself excited at the thought of having a nice choice of levels for screenshots and videos! :D

Haha, thanks!

We're pretty sure that by now people have learnt the map layout by heart. You can't really play the same level over and over again. ;)

Thanks for the video and staying updated with LowPolis! :D

Hello Valerian!

Great thanks for your latest LowPolis review and words of support in it.
We’re also very happy to see your topic in the suggestions! :D

That’s a huge, huge idea you’ve presented here.

Options to increase variety in LowPolis make a lot of sense. We’d like at least to consider how could we make player choices more meaningful. Different decisions that change available buildings are something reasonable for a city-builder game.

While government/policy choice is something that shines in classic strategy games, LowPolis is still more of a city-builder than a regular strategy. We really need to think how to give our players something that transforms the game in a powerful way.

“More buildings” or “different buildings” is a good starting point. Yet the most important thing would be to come up with ideas how these buildings could change overall gameplay.

You can be sure that we’re going to discuss it together with the team soon.
Thank you for keeping up with the project and joining the conversation! :)

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Hey SGP!

Thanks for coming back to LowPolis again and again. What matters to us is that you're enjoying the game. We're happy that you've been growing as a creator. We love to hear your voice in the recent videos.