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Hello Valerian!

Great thanks for your latest LowPolis review and words of support in it.
We’re also very happy to see your topic in the suggestions! :D

That’s a huge, huge idea you’ve presented here.

Options to increase variety in LowPolis make a lot of sense. We’d like at least to consider how could we make player choices more meaningful. Different decisions that change available buildings are something reasonable for a city-builder game.

While government/policy choice is something that shines in classic strategy games, LowPolis is still more of a city-builder than a regular strategy. We really need to think how to give our players something that transforms the game in a powerful way.

“More buildings” or “different buildings” is a good starting point. Yet the most important thing would be to come up with ideas how these buildings could change overall gameplay.

You can be sure that we’re going to discuss it together with the team soon.
Thank you for keeping up with the project and joining the conversation! :)