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Thanks so much!  Always good to hear that people dug it!

Glad to hear it!

Thanks so much!

Glad you're digging it!  Unfortunately, it doesn't have that kind of feature.  If you're using Windows, though, you can right click on the speaker volume icon in the lower right of your start bar, click "volume mixer," and adjust the volume for Jimmy there.

Awesome!  Thanks for sharing the solution; I'll direct people that way if it comes up again.

The game you get from the bundle and the game you'd otherwise get are exactly the same, so I don't think that's the issue.

Whew, great!  I hate having to troubleshoot Mac when I don't have a Mac.  So glad you got this working; I'll keep this in mind if it comes up again.

Sorry if this is something obvious you've already done, but the folder that you saved the Jimmy folder in has read/write permissions as well, right?

Weird.  So, normally, it should be saving to the base directory where the game's .exe is, which is "Resources."    I don't have a Mac in front of me, so I can't see what you're seeing, but can you go to that specific folder and set permissions?

Here's a post from someone who had that same issue with another RPG Maker game.  Check the second post for the solution, and let me know if it works out:

Unfortunately, since I used RPG Maker to make Jimmy, I don't have the know-how nor resources to make that kind of update.  It does seem like there might be some workarounds as per this article:

...but that seems like it's going to be complex.  I'd love to hear if anyone is successful in getting this to run on Catalina.

Wow, that's even more poignant; I admit that this was the first Grimith LP I watched, so I just assumed he was a guy who wore his heart on his sleeve.  I'm really touched that Jimmy has been able to reach people on that level.  I hope that my future games can hold onto that as they improve in other areas!

Also, damn, there's definitely a clear connection with Jimmy that they would appreciate, re: the phoenix imagery.  Hope they like it!

Thanks so much!  I'm working on the next game currently; I'm hoping to have a demo and a bunch of other stuff to release next year!

Thanks so much!  I enjoyed Grimith's LP; he shared a personal story near the end of his LP that really got at Jimmy's mindset towards the end of the game, and it was so heartfelt that it really stuck with me.

Hey, probably a silly question, but you downloaded the Mac version, right?  If so, you should just have to run Jimmy and the Pulsating  If you're doing all of that, is it coming up with an error message or what?

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That's an old naming scheme that I should adjust, actually.  But, the "regular version" is just the game run through an interpreter called "mkxp."  Mainly, it will just allow you to adjust the screen size as if it were a window.  The "Legacy version" will let you switch between a few set screen sizes.

Edit: I changed the display names to make this a bit clearer.  Really, either version should work just fine.

Super cool--I'd like to submit Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass:

You should be able to save anywhere--with the exception of a few areas where saving is disallowed because it could cause some problems when I update the game.  Most likely, you should be able to save where you're at.  If you can actually open up the save menu, then the folder the game is in might need to have more permissions:

Hey, awesome!  Glad you found a workaround!

I currently don't have plans to release on Linux.  That still might change in the future--basically if Jimmy gets popular enough to justify the work for porting it.

Thanks so much!  The Mother series has influenced a lot of cool games, so that means a lot!

Thanks!  A couple of these things slipped by because I saved over a spritesheet on accident with an older version of it after I testplayed those areas.  I'm going to do a quick run through soon--probably today--and update. 

I'm aware of the error message--it's totally harmless and will be addressed in the next update.  I was just putting it out there before I patched it in case other bugs came up.  So, are you thinking that your computer just has some issues running RPG Maker games through mkxp? 

Oh no!  What version are you using?

You need to redownload the game.

You don't get a Steam Key; you can just directly download it from Itch.  If you want to play it on Steam, just buy it on Steam.

Hey, thanks so much!  Merry Christmass to you, too!

Oh, thanks!  I'll make sure to take that out in future updates.

I'll think about that; once I have a good idea, I'll try to whip up something.

There is an older demo here: 
I should probably update that at some point, but the game functions basically the same (it's just a little harder and a little buggier in the demo).

That's something that might be on the horizon.  There are a few outstanding issues with the mkxp version, which is what I would use to run it on Linux, so I'd like to smooth those out first.

Thanks--glad you're enjoying it!

Small update for the one person who's bought this so far: I left out one track ("March of the Corgis").  I've updated the file to include it now.

Hey, thanks for checking it out!  Unfortunately the lack of d-pad support on some controllers is a quirk of RPG Maker.   However, if you're cool with running Joy2Key, you just have to set up the d-pad as the arrow keys.