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Sorry! I’m looking into this issue!

Thank you so much!

Thank you!

Thanks so much for playing it!

谢谢!炒完菜后是可以端起锅上菜的,这个我们后续会优化引导。奶奶不说话确认是一个 bug,最新版已经修复。正式版还得开发一阵。

快主要是因为体积小?web build 用 IL2CPP 会剔除不必要的文件,看了下这个 web build 压缩后体积应该是 8mb。水印是 unity 的中国特供,开全局 vpn 重做 license 应该可以好,网上可以搜到解决方法,不知道还是否有效。

OK, I’ll look into fixing this, thanks so much for the feedback!

Thank you nuggetts2! May I ask did you send any emoji or message during the 5 mins?

Thank you! <3

Haha, thank you! The character will eat in a different order each time, like a little personality. I will check if there is a bug that causes her to always eat dish first and then the rice. Thanks for the feedback, glad you noticed that.

Hi Antok21! Thanks for the feedbacks! How long do Nainai responds during your play? Usually she needs a few seconds to read the message and a few seconds to response. Does that feels long for you?

Thank you Half Machine for the suggestions! Could you be more specific about mouse-drift? Is it means the camera pan movement when the mouse moves to the edges of the screen?

Hi Cube, Thanks for the video and suggestions!! We will definitely try to add more freedom to the game!

HAHAAA, really like you video! Thanks for playing it!

Thank you!

Thank you! An egg timer is a great idea. We once had a discussion about it, but in the end we didn’t add it due to time issue. We’ll definitely consider adding more tiny tools when we extend the cooking methods. <3

Thank you for playing! Yes, day 2 and 3 can be played but the story is not finished! (I’ll clarify it in the update, thanks!)



Thank you for the feedback! We’ll add more indicators and tutorials in the future!

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That’s a BUG!!! Thanks for catching it! We’ll fix it and add more content in the future!

Thank you! 谢谢支持与反馈,我看看是啥问题!

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感谢!刚上传了 0.7.13 版尝试修复了这个问题。可以试试,如果问题依然存在,麻烦请用 bug report 按钮再给我们发个消息,这样我们可以看比较具体的问题,不需要写什么内容。然后可以尝试用 ` 唤出调试界面,输入 set-resolution 1920 1080 类似这样就可以设置分辨率了!之后有时间一定会加上 option

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Hi ChunkThe3rd, thanks for the feedback! I just uploaded a new version 0.7.13 with a bugfix! You can try it. If the bug still exists. You can type ` to open the debug panel, and then type set-resolution 1920 1080 to change the resolution!

Thank you! I’m so happy to hear that!! <3

Thank you and thanks for the feedback!

Thank you!!

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Hey L_2420, you can click one of the download buttons above according to your OS. Then decompress the downloaded file and open “Nainai Recipe”. The game will start!


Thank you!

Hi sinousine, thanks for the suggestion!

Thank you! Good luck with 中考!!!!

Thank you!


Thank you so much for the video!

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Thank you so much for the feedback! We just uploaded a new version that fixed the typing forever issue on day 2. But as you mentioned the story is still not ready for day 2.

Yes, you are right!

Thank you!! It means a lot!

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Wow thanks! Just updated version 0.7.12, now day 3 is playable! But currently day 2 & 3 is still WIP with only some new ingredients (no recipe or stories) you can experiment if you want!

Thank you <3