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Thanks Diego, your breakout is awesome!

OK, I made a update trying to fix that issue. Thanks again for letting me know it!

Hi, thanks for the feedback! When did you download the game? I think I did fix that bug yesterday..

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Red Swapper

Red Swapper is a top-down superhot-like stealth game.

To me, the most interesting part of stealth games is finding the simple, elegant, and creative solutions of the puzzles. But most stealth games are also combined with execution & chance where I am always frustrated when I lose because of a bad execution or hidden information (that I will know if I play it again).

Invisible, Inc provided a solution for players like me by completely removing the action part (Yeah my game could also be turned into a turn/grid-based tactic game). But I’m still interested in the free movement provided by action games.

And this game is a combination of these ideas. The top-down view and room-based level reveal all the information to the player. The superhot-like time freezing and zero bullet travel time remove the chance.

Oh, the core mechanic swap is another topic I want to explore: manipulation of time and space. It’s during the development I suddenly realized Heat Signature had a very similar mechanic. But I guess my version is more focused and further on it.




Thanks Yuxin!

Thanks lukielue!

Thanks for playing!

Thanks sugarcat!

Thanks! 😃

Thanks, franticHack

The game idea is great! Here are some ideas I'm thinking about:

  • The UI color of the player's arrow is the same with the enemies', which I think could be more distinct.
  • I would try to emphasize the next position of the bullets, instead of the current position (Like the way they did in Into the Breach). I made a lot mistake due to this.
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Inspired by Adventure TimeThe Haunted Island, a Frog Detective Game

Talk with animals, throw something to them, find funny things. That's it.

And maybe find your wife.


This is a visual story based on a true story happened in China. ~ 20 mins.

I didn't mention the original story in the game page for preventing spoiler. So I'd like to put it here: please don't click it before you play the game.

The game play is inspired by flickgame, so I tagged it as "flickgame-like". The code is open sourced under GPLv3

The V0.3 update is awesome! Is this your NYU Game Center Thesis Project ? i'm curious about the length of the finished version.

Hmm, not very close. We have never seen each other. And I have no idea what he is doing except playing games and making wired things.

Hi, PopSoda. Can't say I'm a curator. I programmed some recent game jam things of the , mainly because the formal curator and programmer Adwards was killed in an accident (this could provide more info). Thank you for reaching me.

Ha-ha, thank you for the video, really a lot swearing! And yeah, the game's appearance failed to explain the rules very well. And the first several levels still need a lot polishing until they can teaching the rules clearly. Those are lessons I learned for this game, wish I can run it better in my next game.

Thank you for sharing this video and WOW, you finished the first part so fast! You really know how to play this game. It's amazing to see people playing my game in different style. Thx!

Thank you for playing! I love this video and the cover you made is awesome!!

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Your kingdom is dominated by a strange creature 👨. 
They roll towards your folks while shouting "food", and kill by their mouth. 
Hero, your home depends on you! Save it from the creature and don't become their "food". 


Stop Eating is an action puzzle game inspired by the epic stealth game Invisible, Inc.

The enemies run faster than you and will kill you by touching you. They can even copy themselves by eating food.
And you don't have any powerful equipment. All you can do is to collect 2 different items and mix them into a new one that can knockout one enemy.
Fortunately, the enemy AI is simple and stupid. So you can and you have to win the game by manipulating the strong but stupid enemies.

There are 43 levels in this game.

Love this game, thank you!