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this is great. well done.

haha love the art reminds me of squidbillies. i think you captured evil pretty well. the janitor is evil to the kids the kids are evil to the janitor the janitor is evil to the principal and the principal is evil to the janitor. fun little game. well done for getting something done.

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that grappling hook feels so great so chunky. sweet game all round.

i don't know if it's just me but all i could do was have my character fly off screen. the graphics were decent tho.

i like the atmosphere. impressed you got sounds and all in. i didn't make it to the end i kept getting killed... maybe i missed the health packs? really liked the monsters. well done on getting something done. look forward to seeing you in the next jam.

this has great potential. there are some balancing issues but considering the time limitation that is understandable. i really loved the look and feel and even though i had no idea what i was doing it was fun. that fire effect was really sweet too. nice work.

thanks for checking it out MaplePoki. :}

Thanks for playing and the feedback Septic.

Finished the game. I think there is a good foundation for a game here. I would restrict the amount of trees and display that count and have the player build a cabin then a boat using the resources of that first island then travel the land collecting more wood (perhaps building an army of tree loggers) and building a gigantic bonfire which once all the wood from all the islands is collected is set alight and voila victory over those paper cutting jerk trees. Although maybe dunder-mifflin is really to blame :p Good effort well done I enjoyed it.

Player-Name-Here reporting for duty. I'm not much of a fan of idle-clicker games but this wasn't bad. it was very comprehensive in options and such but my poor fingers. I got up to buying the first 4 cheapest items and I could go no further. Also I couldn't find and exit button :( Well done.

It took me a little while to get what was happening but when I did it seemed the easy strategy is just to protect one cell. also sometimes the bullet passed through my character and still took the cell out which was a bit of a bummer but it didn't happen often so no biggie probs just tunneling due to bullet speed. Good stuff.

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I couldn't move my character? I'm assuming I am the blue square? If i did get him moving i'm guessing it's a dodge bullet game? I didn't see a fire/attack button listed. Hopefully others have more luck. EDIT: Ok i had another go and I see there is another darker blue square to the left which i managed to get into the middle and dodge some bullets but what is the other light blue square for? I'm a bit lost.

Second everything JoleEh. The only glitch i had was the player would begin moving backwards after an attack sometimes and it took a while to get control back. I love the story too funny. Well done. 

ala micromachines microscopic entities dealing with macroscopic obstacles

cool little time killer. love the graphics and mechanic.

super game.