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Submitted by JoleEh — 20 hours, 13 minutes before the deadline

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I just finished the game, and I'd say it would work really great as a mini-game for a game! Also, was being able to on third hit to take down a tree regardless of which tree intentional? (I hit a tree twice, then I hit a different tree, and it goes down). Anyway, I'd also recommend that you make the camera follow the play in a smoother way, since it was a bit difficult to understand how the player was walking at the start, seeing how the trees were moving, and then I realised why.

Just like what hotfeet said, I'd like to see the player be able to build a cabin or boat and all that too! :D


Finished the game. I think there is a good foundation for a game here. I would restrict the amount of trees and display that count and have the player build a cabin then a boat using the resources of that first island then travel the land collecting more wood (perhaps building an army of tree loggers) and building a gigantic bonfire which once all the wood from all the islands is collected is set alight and voila victory over those paper cutting jerk trees. Although maybe dunder-mifflin is really to blame :p Good effort well done I enjoyed it.