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Hot Pancake Studios

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Hi Superdark!

I love your pixel art! This one is my favorite! Tomorrow the 103$ Adventure Game Challenge is starting. I was wondering if you want to make a game with me. It would be really awesome! Just let me know what you think about it

I see... Keep it up, it's great work! 

I see you have a lot of games already! Really good job! What game did you start this series with? 

Really fun game! How long will you continue this series?

All of these suggestions are great. Would love to see them in the future too

Wow! Really nice game! I'd like to let you know that my company wants to collaborate with you and this game! With that I mean that we want to fund updates in the future and do some bug fixing. Your game is going to be played a lot more! Just let us know what you think!

Really fun little game but I can't get further than room 2, maybe something wrong with the doors? You should check that but the game is really good!

Well, hopely you make it! I have the same problem, unfortunately, and I'm saving as much time as I can for this game

Uh.... This is not a platformer, so why did you submitted it into platformer week?

I downloaded it but nothing happens

Even a pizza in the netherlands??

Hey leuke game jongens maar er moet inderdaad nog wat worden veranderd. Als jullie hulp nodig hebben, ik weet letterlijk alles dus vraag maar raak!