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this black screen is a post processing stack issue, can't really test it on mac, I'll probably disable it so it can be played on mac and webgl

Hey, sorry for the looong delay, Couldn't find the time to set everything right.

Pok is now available on google Play!

I'm actually in the middle of publishing process, have to wait for Google to accept the game. Stay tuned!

Regarding the score system, can I make separate ladders for different modes/levels (for example, best time ranking in every track), or just a single ladder is allowed?

Welp, here we go!

Unfortunatelly, I didn't have much time left to add some content to this game, the ammount of levels is really dissapointing, I had some ideas for other enemies / obstacles, but didn't manage to implement them in time. I hope someone will have fun playing it tho!

Yea, creating your own engine is not an easy nor quick task, I also tried that one time, but it wasn't made for a jam, just for myself. It took me a few months to get everything in place (I used c++ and sdl for graphics). 

Anyway, too bad jams doesn't let us vote for other criteria, but you have a big thumbs up for the effort c:

I'm not really sure how that micro mode is supposed to help you, but I like the idea of slow-mo and shrinking. The hitbox on the ship is really unforgiving tho, you could make it smaller, just so players won't feel cheated when being hit by a tiny, light-speed fast bullet right in the tip of their wing and instantly evaporate into nothingness.

I like the fact that you managed to squeeze in a boss fight, though! That's really impressive

I can't help but agree with bluzi, this is probably impossibru. I like the idea of losing health when shrinking and gaining when growing, but there is almost no time for you to stay at max height because of the rng of platforms. Also, because you lose health whenever you shrink, doing it more than twice costs you more health than just rushing into the platform, which is counter intuitive.

Out of curiosity, have you ever managed to beat this game yourself? ;o One minute is kind of a long duration, especially when everything is trying to kill you

I really like the sounds and music tho. Character animation is also really good, because it's smooth (and I've always liked stick figures). With a little bit of tweaking this could be a really nice web game!

This game is unforgiving! First couple of levels are pretty easy, but then, when you can't really see what's coming, it gets really hard, basically you have to memorise the layout of each stage.  Also, starting all over again after death is kind of harsh.

But the sound effects are OUTSTANDING! I couldn't help but burst into laughter when I first heared that wierd sound of "sucking in" the ant (I still don't know what really happens there, I need some explanation here plz)

Oh boi, that music is like from a horror movie! The art style is awesome, reminds me of downwell a little, with its narrow color palette. I think that first stage could get a little harder over time, it's kind of hard to lose. You could also add some more types of enemies, like heavy units, which need 2 or 3 "bites" to kill, or light and fast unit, which only have to be step on to destroy. Overall I can see a lot of potential with this game.

Also, a score system would be really nice, right now you can't tell how well you perform.

Not easy? That second level took me like 10 tries! Although a little bit short, it was quite a challenge, those precise, 1-tile jumps mixed with high speed / gravity of the robot made me struggle a little! And that short intro-story made me chuckle, what a charming theme explanation!

Another thing, did you made the engine all by yourself? If that's true, I'm really impressed

That's true, I focused mostly on the visual part, gameplay wise this game has A LOT room for improvements

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Thank you for your comment!

Too bad I couldn't make the bot smarter, playing versus AI is not a challenge at all, it is highly recommend to find someone to play with for a better experience!

Thank you all for your kind words, that means A LOT to me!

Yes, I get it, the last stage is evil, didn't have much time left testing these levels (I beat it the first try so I left it as it is - my hands/fingers are quite flexible ;o)

There is so much I could do to make this game a better experience, but I had to learn Godot from the ground (I signed up a few days before the start, it was the first time I've ever heard of Godot before), as well as there were some exams going on.

I'm looking forward to next jams, hope to do even better C: