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Yup, that's it.

A very cool idea. I like that there are multiple ways to complete a level and that there seem to be no limitations to what you can change.

Just the right amount of frustrating and silly for a good bad game.

It comes with an essay.

This was built on a basic skeleton I had made for Lispbuilder-SDL. The original intention was to write a game in a somewhat functional style, which may not be apparent from the result.

The archives above only contain binaries, link to the source code is on the game page.

The difficulty does increase, or at least it should. If I were to make changes though I'd probably increase the amount of ladies falling off at the same time instead of increasing the speed. The current version is not very gravitationally realistic.

This was a pleasantly avant-garde experience. The blackout mechanic fits well with the theme and I think you've done a great job bringing out new meanings from the text with it. I could see myself enjoying a longer game in the same style with more choices and multiple endings.

By the way, I identify with the character just fine and find it perfectly logical to see doctors as traitors by default.