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This is one of the most striking and beautiful experiences I've ever had playing an RPG. Masterful, 11/10.

Try going through the main Detail download page, both the files should be available there. Let me know if that doesn't work for you!

You could probably play it with upwards of six or seven, any more than that and it might get unwieldy. But who knows! Its not designed with solo play in mind, but you could use it to generate some stories on your own. I'd say 1-2 hours play time.

I just followed you back, I'm happy to unfollow you if you want!

That's a great point! I've been meaning to rework the layout anyway, I'll make sure the next version is in text.

Hey thanks!


This game is fantastic! I've used it a couple of times now as a worldbuilding prelude to other games, and it works like a dream. It works wonderfully on virtual platforms. In my experience, it takes a bit longer in that format, so you may want to plan to play for multiple sessions. Get this game!

Hey wow thank you! It pays to quadruple read things, huh? Uploading a fixed version now.

I did do that, thank you so much. This is my first submission to Itch and I didn't notice that!

I'm excited to see where this goes!!

We hacked Flintlock in as a resolution mechanic while playing a longer GMless game (Archipelago by Matthijs Holter), and it worked great! It gives you just enough hooks to hang your narrative on to get an evocative, exciting scene. I'm excited to try it out as a stand alone game.