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Pretty cool game about witch hunt,i liked art style,soundtrack,and tortures which as i suppose is inspired by real tortures,probably the only thing that i disliked in this game is it seems no matter who you choosing,you still getting reward,so every character is witch,but anyway,it was pretty interesting game,5\5

Pretty interesting medieval strategy,reminds me of Stronghold,waiting for full version

Awesome game,pretty spooky without much jumpscares,its have pretty disturbing atmosphere,5\5,btw is there a really good ending? Cuz i got two,and in the end its saying that something will still haunting you

I always trying to solve puzzles on my own,but i'm watching walkthroughs when i'm completely stuck,i like series of Rusty Lake,but for some reasons,puzzles there is absolutely insurmountable for me

I got secret ending and friends forever one,secret one was unexpectable and fun,and friends forever was pretty sweet ending,great game after all,Mr Lupin really looks a little bit creepy,he looks like Thomas the train,5\5

Интересная новелла,момент когда лес смотрел на тебя глазами был довольно жутким,5\5,сколько здесь концовок вообще? У меня получилась только открытая и плохая концовка

Finally finished this game,it felt are bit weird to me,all of this stories about LGBT relationships,and in some dialogues i felt kinda cringe and uncomfortable,but im not gonna lie,the ending was pretty cute,and the song in the end was very heartwarming and soulful,for soulful song,art style,and interesting characters,im putting 5\5

Всегда пожалуйста,офигенную игру делаешь братан,это я для зарубежных игроков написала на английском,чтобы они знали что игра реально хорошая и играли в нее,хотя бы в демо версию

This game is dope,i played Hotline Miami and i liked this game much more,in 2D its looks even better,im looking forward for full version,i adore this ultraviolence,and how said Tony from Hotline Miami-I fucking hate these people

P.S Вижу что комментарии на русском,видимо разработчик русский,но я все равно на двух язык напишу сразу,охерительная игра короче,мне даже больше чем Hotline Miami понравилась,в 2Д это даже лучше выглядит,жду с нетерпением полной версии,я обожаю это ультранасилие,и как сказал Тони-Я чертовски ненавижу этих людей

Pretty cool game,its interesting idea to make a Dark Souls in Minecraft setting,i had a fun time playing it,5\5,i didn't finish it cuz i killed a giant wolf and didn't know where to go next

I have played two of games,this one and "The Last One And Then Another",really dope games,its so bizarre and so surreal,and this is what making these games unique and interesting,certainly i will be lookig forward to next games,i rate this one and another one on 5\5,had a great and fun time playing these

Awesome game with great art style and soundtrack,i like games about folklore,played bunch of them,about different countries folklore,and story in this one is pretty interesting,5\5

Pretty cool short mysterious game,nice voice acting and plot twist,5\5

Awesome game,i liked how you should interact with truck,great story and suspenseful atmosphere,didn't expect that my biggest jumpscare would be a cat,5\5

That's me worshiping my cat for 666666 times,pretty cool game actually,i liked transformation of cat into the demon,nice art style,5\5,but is there is actual ending of this game? Or this is are really endless clicker?

Thanks for advice,when i will try to finish Cube Escape next time,i will take this into account

I played couple of games in the similar theme,and this would be on the second place,very disturbing and ominous atmosphere,5\5

That's why you shouldn't parking your car on absolutely empty parking lot,where is no other cars around,its gonna be destroyed by Demon,or someone else. Pretty cool short horror game,its interesting idea to make a horror game about parking lot,5\5

I always liked this series of games,art style is really cool,but i never managed to solve puzzles on my own,maybe only one,i guess im too stupid for such puzzles,but i still like these games,story and art style is amazing

Pretty atmospheric short experience,in such kind of games you expect to see jumpscares,but there is just illusion of room,and its way more too interesting than jumpscares,5\5

This game is unbelievably dope,it feels like i watched movie of Quentin Tarantino,soundtrack,story,characters,and dialogues its so amazingly made,its one of the few games that i would call a real masterpiece,also its gave me some vibes of retro detective comics,100\5,btw,where i can listen this great soundtrack?

This game is dope,its much better than Stalker in my opinion,very atmospheric and apocalyptically charming,im looking forward to full version,5\5. Btw,soundtrack is amazing,where i can listen it?

Nice short spooky game

Wow,that's a lot of endings,i wonder how you can get all of them

I really love this series of games,art style,story,and gameplay is really dope,i like how in this game you dont just shoot enemies,you should dodge thier attack and then shoot,the final fight was pretty intense,and the ending was very heartwarming,and emotionally strong,5\5

How many endings there exactly? i got two,bad one and good one,this game is awesome,story is interesting and pretty unique,5\5

Never thought that game about passport control would be so enthralling,i spent couple of hours in this game,5\5

Is there the ending? or its conceived as endless game,where you starting over infinitely? I kinda liked this actually,very bizarre game

Its one of the few games that really impressed me,as a poet myself i really liked this philosophical theme in the story,this game is making you rethink some things,also art style is great,kinda disturbing and pscyhodelic,5\5

I like this simple gameplay in this game,you just walking and events happening by itself,also it's really interesting how you realizing great meaning of story without single dialogue,5\5

Is this song was written exactly for the game?

For demo its pretty good,i like these games in the style of PSX,i will wait for continuation.Btw,soundtrack in the end is dope,where i can listen it?

This game is ridiculous,it reminded of old flash games where you using only mouse and shooting targets,if it was originally conceived as a parody and joke,then its really great. If you could just move on map like in original PUBG,it would be much more interesting,i will not rate this game for now,maybe in the future it will develop.

I like these doom-like and doom-clone games,this one is pretty cool,fun,and nostalgic,i had a great time playing it,5\5

Bro just stuck at gas pump,he steps on the gas and cant move,i guess i won,fun game. In my opinion,its better way to win than explode yourself,5\5

It's one of the strongest emotionally games i played,story is really very depressive and dismal,fact that all art style is hand-drawn is impressing,the ending was sad but at the same time pretty heartwarming,5\5

Stunning game,its like dive into mind of serial killer,i like how when you click start over,you not really starting over,you actually continue,and character is keep going crazy much more,it was a really cool experience,dialouges,music,pixel blood,it was great,my admiration to people who made this game,5\5

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Finally managed to complete this interactive fiction,it was a fun experience,had a great time playing it,i dont know how many endings here,but i tried all options and its leads to almost the same events,but i guess i got a good ending eventually. Anyway,pretty cool and fun game,5\5

I liked story based on mythology,but i'm stuck at the beginning of the game and can't figure out what to with items i found,4\5

Pretty atmospheric and peaceful game,i like playing such relaxing games after playing tense horror games,5\5