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Pretty interesting games,it's really reminds me these old slasher movies,also camera angles is amazing,5\5

Damn,what a heartbreaking game,it feels like i watched a movie,fascinating stories of characters,especially "THE SLOW VANISHING OF LADY WINTERBOURNE" and "THE NAMELESS RITUAL",extremely soulful soundtrack and nice pixel art,its one of the few games that made me really empathize with characters,great job of creating this masterpiece,5\5

This game gave me some nostalgic vibes,i like dungeon games,especially with this old-looking graphics,will there be a continuation?

Ничего непонятно, но очень интересно, как ракеты то запускать в итоге? хотя бы какая нибудь подсказка была, что за код на компе вводить

Amazing game,one of the best games i played here, reminds me of Chilla's art games. I like how real and creepy this situation can be, when you just gone to store to buy some food, and some creep started stalking you,situations like that is always creeped me out,it's spooky as hell. I liked how eerie and disturbing this game is,the endings was interesting, 5\5

It took me about 10 minutes to kill this wendigo thing,this thing was fast,and character had like the most slow speed of run in the whole world,so i just killed this thing from cabine while shooting through the window,but after all,this game was not bad,ending is pretty fun,4\5

Pretty interesting short game,i liked "Knowledge" ending,to me personally,pixel games always have some more creepy atmosphere,5\5

Will the full release be paid?

Amazing game,atmosphere is really creepy and disturbing,ending gave me a creeps,also i liked open world,it's making atmosphere more eerie,5\5

Pretty interesting psychological horror game,i'll be  waiting for the continuation

For demo it was pretty fun,but would be nice if monsters would have sounds of steps,also i liked mechanics of shotgun,pretty realistic,5\5

It was fun to play this short game,i liked design of mutants and color palette,5\5

Awesome mysterious game,with pretty unexpected ending,i got a bit stuck with moving forward,but ending was worth wasted time,5\5

Pretty nice short game,i liked these creepy fishes with human faces,4\5

Так тут вроде не надо чтобы мышка че то умела, просто надо держать рыбу в круге, хз, у меня все получилось,надо просто придрочиться

Nice game,models of characters looks pretty disturbing,especially of this old man,i liked good ending the most,if you won't talk much with weird and suspicious people,it's more likely that they won't hurt you,5\5

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Dope game,it's really have some creepy and disturbing atmosphere,especially inhabitants of tribe looks spooky,5\5,i want to replay it,but i don't understand how do you can know code for box

Awesome game,voice acting and story is great,it's not really a horror game,but i liked how mysterious it was,5\5

Awesome game,ending 2 was pretty disturbing and creepy psychologically,by the way i really like your games,i like how atmospheric they is,Unsorted Horror is one of my favorite games ever on this site,this one is also great,5\5

Nice short horror game,moment with black silhouette standing in the middle of road was pretty spooky,5\5

I don't like this furry stuff,but this game was pretty nice and kinda soulful,5\5

Fun shot horror game,but not enough gore things,at least for me

Pretty interesting game,but it's pity that it's too short,i would like to know continuation of the story,5\5

Thanks for the hint,i figured out the password

How do you know a password for safe? I was looking for some clues,but i'm stuck

I hear a sound but i see only black screen,is this a bug?

Pretty cool game,it reminds me of Chilla's art games,story is really disturbing and realistic,i like such kind of games,which tells about stories that can happen in real life with anyone,if there will be more games like this one,i will looking forward to it,so far,nice work of creating disturbing atmosphere and story,5\5

Nice game,it was fun to play it,i never killed monsters while listening Joy Division on the background,very interesting choice of soundtrack,5\5

Awersome series of games,atmosphere is very disturbing and anti utopian,i like how unsettling these games in atmosphere,my favorite one is Tartatus Engine,it was pretty impressive,this enormous mechanical construction looked really disturbing,these games really gave me some disturbing and kinda depressing feeling at the same time. Anyway,great work of creating atmosphere of depressing,disturbing,and anti utopian world,10\10

Interesting concept of game,pretty atmospheric,took a two minute for me to finished it,it is planned to develop this game more? maybe add some creatures? for now its 4\5

Awesome game,reminds me of Chilla's Art games,its have similar vibes,very good made jumpscares,and atmosphere is really creepy,i like such kind of horror games,there is no some monsters or ghosts,just a crazy guy chasing you,something that can happen in real life,i got a good ending,one of the best horror game i played here,5\5

Nice game,not that scary but still pretty good,i liked soundtrack,4\5

Amazing game,i liked art style,soundtrack,story and characters,5\5

Nice puzzle game,i liked soundtrack and art style,reminds me of Cube Escape series,i couldn't believe that official walkthrough of this game is 5 minutes,puzzle games is definitely not my type of games,cuz i been stuck about 20 minutes,but still,i like art style of such kind of games,5\5

Awesome game,cult of frogs is pretty interesting concept,i will look forward for full game,is there multiple endings in demo? Cuz i tried to get different ones,but got only one,i wanted to play VHS tape i found but it was the end of the demo,also i noticed some bugs,like objects hanging in the air

One of the most interesting games i played here,unfortunately i got only two endings,i tried to play it again to get new endings,but i don't understood what to do with items i got and how to move on,but i still liked it,it really gives you this atmosphere of living in slums and ghettos,5\5

Cool spooky game,moment when you heard voices of crowd and when you opened the door no one was there,was pretty disturbing moment,i liked both of games VHS Slaughter and this one,great story and atmosphere for short length,5\5

Awesome game,each person looks suspicious and you don't always know who of them are doppelgangers,also liked variety of the endings,and moment when doppelganger were break into your door was really creepy,one of the most disturbing moments i had in horror games. 5\5

Pretty fun and surreal horror game,it reminded of thrash horror movie Killer kart,although this game is more surreal than comedic,5\5

Amnesia the Dark Descent is my favorite horror game,and this game have the same creepy and unsettling atmosphere,i like such kind of games,without any silly jumpscares this game can scare you,really cool game,i liked this spooky atmosphere,5\5