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I would say 8\10,some jumpscares pretty unexpecting,and i wanted say it ironically,this game not really scary,its more bizzare 

Very short game,but it have some atmosphere

Interesting game,but too little response options

Damn,this game really scared the shit out of me,plot,soundtrack,and characters made really good. 5\5,one of the scariest games i played on this site.

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I liked atmosphere,it reminds me of Fallout,5\5 this game really have potential

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Pretty nice short game,atmosphere is great i liked effects of bombing and calm music,and like characters just playing checkers and don't pay attention on bombing 5\5

Damn,it was pretty disturbing,i didnt got out,but still good atmospheric game

I played this game while listening Dronny Darko,it was really atmospheric,plot is great too,5\5

Это было странно,но немного крипово 

I didn't got 12 endings,but this was pretty fun short game,4\5

Нормальный такой квест крипипаста для детей,4\5

Damn,this game more hardcore than Hotline Miami

Very cool atmospheric game,i liked this small drawn story 5\5

Really cool game,i liked style,i feel nostalgia,its remembered me about Doom 5\5

Тогда понятно,не заметила что игра была за два дня сделана,если учитывать что эта игра за два дня сделана,тогда это вполне неплохо,если бы было бы продолжение было бы отлично,атмосфера присутсвует

I liked this Cthulhu monster,very cool

Я вижу потенциал  у этой игры,но почему так мало развитий сюжета? Буквально пара предложений и конец,в общем,если бы было бы побольше концовок и побольше развитий в сюжете,было бы гораздо интересней. 4\5

I played this game on Newgrounds. A very good psychological game, I would even call it a masterpiece and the best thing I've played in recent times, the only minus is that I couldn’t understand what to do for about 10 minutes and how to go further, but the atmosphere is just amazing. I would like to see a continuation in the future, I really liked this gloomy atmosphere,100\5,btw continuation is planning? I really need to continuation,its so cool gloomy dark atmospheric game,it reminds me of Sin City.

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Damn,its really hardcode,but really cool vibe and atmosphere,and music just awesome

I dont get it,the ending exist at all? Cuz i start again and again

I dont understood plot,but i liked music,where can i download this? its really cool

Its was really cool short game,and Press F to pay Respect to Rocky F 5\5

I thought it was an ordinary horror game,but ending....Damn,i was crying like a pussy,really,so sad atmosphere game,Meowmie was so cute,5\5

Cool short game,i very like Lovercraft plot,atmosphere was creepy 5\5

Very atmospheric horror game,i liked idea with police codes,very unique 5\5

Потрясающая игра,очень душевная и расслабляющая,чувствуется русская душа. 5\5 Волга,неси меня мёртвого по городам....

Damn,its awesome horror game,this iron woman looks really cool and creepy,Junji Ito create are really disturbing characters,5\5

Nice short halloween game,the ending was pretty fun

Interesting game,although i hardly understand speech,cuz i dont know English good,but its cool short game,have philosophical sense

Really cool short game,i liked atmosphere and design,and monsters it so remind me about Lovecraft,5\5

This was pretty creepy and disturbing,especially when you sit in total darkness,i was expecting a screamer,good atmosphere though

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Awesome game about afterlife and souls,very philosophical also i really liked characters and graphic,characters are drawn very good, also each has interesting dialogues and character,I especially liked main evil character and Seeker.  it took about 3-4 hours for me to finished that game,i dont know if there is many endings,but i guess i had good one.

Quite an interesting, philosophical game, the only frustrating thing is that you can't get some kind of a "happy ending", unless you choose "no fishing" I tried all the options, and they differ little.

4 out of 5

Not enough interactions. I liked music and pixel atmosphere though

Awesome game,it's fun and sad in the same time,this is unusual to make plot about shapes

Damn,this game just amazing,i liked this atmosphere,music,plot i would put 100\10

Good game,good atmosphere,but i just broke my keyboard,and i didn't get how run faster,i just slowly moving