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Very nice short game with interesting plot,it have some spooky vibes,5\5

Spooky short game,i liked idea witth ghosts which you can see only through camera 5\5

This game is so awesome,part two is cool,i like art style,characters is very interesting,and story is great,cant wait a third chapter. But i wonder,could i save a skeleton? it was a very sad moment

That was really cool short game,it have a creepy atmosphere,ending was pretty unexpected 5\5

Pretty nice short game,good art 5\5

Потрясающая и очень атмосферная игра,арты вообще офигенные,буду ждать продолжения,5\5

This game is fucking great,atmosphere is creepy,especially this scary kid,his look is gave me creeps,despite this game dont have any jumpscares,it was amazingly eeire. Although I didnt get how to get third and other endings,though i tried different options,5\5

Not bad 4\5

Interesting conception,not so many dialogue,but it was good for short game 5\5

Amazing game,very heartbreaking plot,but graphic is too dark and too blurry,and i didn't understand ending,i just released Nancy from suffering and that's it,if there were opportunity to save guy who was dying in hospital? I just didnt see anything. In the rest game one of the best point-click which i played,interesting psychological plot and very sad drama about war. 5\5

Character stuck in invisible texture when i tried to get around house and find entrance,spooky atmosphere is good though

Very nice short game,i liked atmosphere and heart beating,i was expecting jumpscares,but it's even better that there wasn't jumpscares 5\5

Interesting pixel graphic style though

Pretty interesting interactive book,Nazis and vampires,it was fun,5\5

This game definitely need some sounds

There is no other dialogues when i found all items,i can only talk with Christie and Isaiah,this is bug or no? 

Pretty interesting game,or rather interactive book,i played it while i listened dark ambient,it gives are great atmosphere to this game,i will wait continue,5\5

I will follow then,anyway it was short but great experience

You guys really did amazing game,will there be any other games from y'all?

Finally i finished this game,it was pretty short,but damn,this is so cool,this is the best game i played on this site,such a masterpiece plot and soundtrack,and such tragic stories of characters,especially about domestic violence and about war,this game is really mind-blowing,i would rate it as 100\5 ,what is name of soundtrack btw?

Dude,thank you very much,this route was right and monster really didn't appear

You are welcome,buddy,you did a great game

Thank you for advice,i will get through it one day

This game is just awesome,stories of characters is incredibly sad and interesting,and i really like soundtrack and graphic style,although i still didn't finish it,cuz monster in third painting is too fast he just respawn near me and i cant escape him. I will put 5\5,but hardly i would ever finished it

Thank you very much for the hint,i finished game,and i can say that game is really cool,atmosphere and plot is awesome,really classic horror,5\5

Atmosphere is great,but box with puzzle is not opening,is there is randomly generated code,or not?

Cool story and great game,characters is made really creepy and unique 5\5

Game really lacks of some soundtrack and more gameplay,but graphic style is really cool

Short but good atmospheric and psychological game

Pretty cool short game,graphic style looks pretty nice too

Damn,i thought character is dead,cuz he was lying on the floor,but it was just a bug,if there is wasn't a bugs it would be a pretty good game,i liked drawing style and puzzles so far

Escaped with 34 left,this game lacks something more creepy than just darkness,but for short game it was pretty nice 4\5

Its really cool and atmospheric game,i liked this drawing style,and jumpscares,but only minus is its too hard to understand what to do next,how to move forward,game is actually short,but i spent a lot few hours in one location and couldnt understand what im supposed to do next,anyway i put 4\5

I would say 8\10,some jumpscares pretty unexpecting,and i wanted say it ironically,this game not really scary,its more bizzare 

Very short game,but it have some atmosphere

Interesting game,but too little response options

Damn,this game really scared the shit out of me,plot,soundtrack,and characters made really good. 5\5,one of the scariest games i played on this site.

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I liked atmosphere,it reminds me of Fallout,5\5 this game really have potential

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Pretty nice short game,atmosphere is great i liked effects of bombing and calm music,and like characters just playing checkers and don't pay attention on bombing 5\5

Damn,it was pretty disturbing,i didnt got out,but still good atmospheric game