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Mythic Ocean community · Created a new topic Really fun

loved the look and the atmosphere of this game. Ocean atmospheres are by far my favorite thing. i added it to my wishlist and hope to buy it when i can! Thanks

Fun little game lol

Not what I expected, it was nice nonetheless!

This game was definitely something else 😂 but it was fun, good job!

This was fun, i really loved the art style

fun game, love the style and the soundtrack!

LOVED the feel, and the music was awesome! cant wait to see what the full game brings honestly

yeah that was unexpected hahahaha

even though there was no story, this game was really fun. It felt great to play and i love the style too

Yo i wish i couldve seen this game sooner! This is awesome and i love the art style. I'm definitely gonna be keeping an eye on this =D

your game got a good jump out of me LOL, i enjoyed it

Thanks for making a game in my name =D
for real though it was a good game, scared me a few times lol

Loved the feel of the game! Great concept, I like the idea of switching "vision" to see more things, cant wait for the release

great game. My only problem was there was soo much dialog...Regardless i really enjoyed it so thank you!

hilarious game. short and wacky. I thought it was gonna be a little spookier...but it was still fun regardless.

starts at 5:05

nice short game. It was a good project!

That's awesome, I cant wait

Loved it! i ran into a few bugs, but over all it was awesome, i cant wait for the sequel.

The game was really good. I liked the story, the atmosphere and the voice acting was really good top! My only complaint is the last puzzle to get into the cellar. Maybe its just me but it seemed pretty convoluted. Over all a great game though thank you.

I really liked your game. I got scared so many times lol. Having to use your voice is also cool, this was the first time I've played a game like that. 

i reeally liked this game, i honestly cannot wait for the release!

Waat i didnt know there was a boss! Ill def get some peeps to play it then 

letting you guys know i like your game! Now i just need friends to play it with hahaha

Skip to 4:34 if you wanna see me play it

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didnt realize there was more to the game till afterward, oops lol

good game though, scared the crap out of me

Its not picking up my mic for some reason?

I never played the original, but I really liked what you did for this one!

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i made a short montage: (1:30)

lol it was fun

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This game was hilarious, i had fun playin it hahaha

looved the art style for this game, I clicked it immediately because of it. It was a fun little game!

played through it, loved the art style and non seriousness of it(ironic) cant wait for release

looooved the colors and style, I cant wait for the full release and changing environments! 

Starts at 12:11

Loved it! Physics felt hella wonky but made it pretty fun, i really enjoyed the attitude of the game.

Loved the idea of changing the environment, and it was surprisingly difficult for me ha.

nice game! Starts at 10:10

of course, i dont mind at all. Keep up the good work =)

little late, but I played your game and thought it was super adorable. I cant wait for the rest!

played your game, it starts around 5:10. Thought it was hilarious as well as difficult, especially the jump area lol

loved the little sounds and voice of the whale. It was cute =)

I've played a few Christmas games lately and this one was definitely one of my favorites. I loved the feel of it and thought you captured a sense of wonder really well. Good Job!