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No eta but working as hard as I can :)

No eta but working as hard as I can :)

Yeah there is a bug on that sadly. Working on a fix.
There already is a discord with 6.8k members. The link can be found at patreon.

No eta but working as hard as I can :)

Next update will have a fair amount of story :)

Can confirm I am working on this :

Around a week or two max. Then it is free

Game is being worked on and a update is near.

That is to be expected on hobby projects. The game is free for a reason. The links that don't work are recent and can easily be gotten by getting it freely at the front page of Patreon. I am just not very active at itchio as this platform is the one I get the least traffic on.

The status posts on patreon are a service to the one who supports but won't affect anything on the game itself.
I also only want people on Patreon who support for what is and nothing else. I am not promising anything and have always been forthcome with saying it's my hobby project.

So no, not on life support nor dead or anything. 
Just a random dude working on his free time to give out a free game.

Some people are just weird and entitled. There is a reason that the Filius Canis event exist :P

I'm sorry my game made you feel hurt enough to become enrage like this.
Hope you find a game that can cure your depression.

My game is far from dead.

Game can be downloaded at my Patreon page. Will re upload the new mega links here soon.

I'm a single guy doing this and as a hobby (why the game is free).
I can't promise it be ready at December but I'm working hard to get it out. Hopefully very soon.

About the pressure from the guys below. No worries. They are mostly duplicate accounts (they are just created and probably by the same guy).

Agree. It is being worked on

No worries. Sexual content will be a big part of the game. We are done with the introductions now it's time for the fun lewds

This is another Enyo. A female :)

Sorry for the non-working links everyone ! Fixed now (and with added content)

Thank you for the kind words!

Cordia will have her moments. Story content and lewd content. Can't say more than that sadly. 

Thanks for the feedback!

Translation is done by volunteers. I just add it.

Thank you too

Thanks for the feedback and kind words

Thank you for the kind words.
I have around 100+ music. I can't remember the names, heh.

If it's a 'free' one it should be in the end credits.

Will do my best

Thank you for the kind words

I will try to remember to have alternative downloads in the future

I have not made an android versions, but I do know that there are a couple that have made an android version of my game.

Thank you for the kind words

Will do my best

Thank you for the kind words

I have both discord and Patreon. Thanks for considering to support!

I do not have an Instagram but I do have a discord.

The current release, here at, is the up-to-date release.

Thank you for the kind words!
I am indeed planning on adding a gallery and replay options to the game.

Yes, sadly the time per release is not what I want.
But this is just a hobby for me atm but as my Patreon grows things will change hopefully.

Game is already on android. 
But it is done by a third party and not something I have any control over.

Truth is that I have a bigger success on other sites with my game and hence spend most of my time there.
This means I am not that into itch launcher and what not. 
I will look into it however once time allows for it.

I post developer updates at my patreon to show status.
I also got a Faq at my patreon page to show what my usual release schedule goal is.

I am not so much into to know about that sadly.
I will look into it however.

Thank you for the kind words!
At the moment I am not in need of an artist but if the times come I will surely have you in mind.