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This is actually very nice tool to have

(pog face)

is submit to tavi is the only way to start her route? I mean, she is beatable in first encounter..

using horn or tail for fun and fight would be nice, I think. unusual stimulation through special body parts, heh.

time to poke heroes with tail and magic is nigh!


Old man suffered memory loss due to natural laws, went back to his young age and hunted the fox. and now, after everything happened, we step in to fading dream..

I still check here. whatever you do, you'll make it.

I don't see any tail..

Started with 8 people. but when everything was done, there was no one left for the temple. just tireless golems remains. oh...........

unexpected nice ride

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child of groundhog life.

beware that you CAN'T finish the game.

How many times I wondered about mix of story, choice and battle.. not some kind of dismembered corpse of those. I had some hard time reading since english is not my native language, yet it was very good.

many choice games ignores something between story and story. story is writing, it means endless wave of words, sentences. reading all of them for hours are very tired and painful, even while the story is interesting. that's where artwork and battle, or mini-games even- should come in.

and dang, I'm still recovering from emotional damage this game caused to me. because all of characters and their reasons makes sense.. it was hard to decide. in the end, I got 11-1. the mental fatigue was real, and after seeing all that flaws and conflicts, loss made me turn away from any more decision making.. by real death. funny, I'm thanatophobia for real.

love that tail attack sprites. I wonder if there will be more attacks.. and hey, those sisters walking animation is really catchy!

You can't build anything at 2500m. forgot to add bedrock?