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Ever since I picked up the golden whip, my character started going super fast (in top down levels only, not side scroller sections), making it hard to navigate. I think this might be why I ended up off-screen in the skullborg room

Really nice game, but lots of bugs.

This game really needs a "restart room"/"restart level" button

I'm currently facing skullborg, but my character disappeared and the boss ran offscreen, so I'm stuck on a still screen where nothing happens...

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Great game ! I played several times and would definitely come back  to play it later.

I suggest adding an infinite mode, because it can be a bit frustrating to loose your town at the end of the game when you wanted to continue upgrading it.

I have no idea which wheel is mine and which wheel is the house's. I feel like there needs to be more indications as to what number represents what information. What is good what is bad, etc...