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Hey there,

Incredible game! The outcome of interactions with the characters in the woods pissed me to no end and I do not believe there is an option to win with clear heart but ... I loved the style of the game , humor was insane and that music i could listen whole day.

I really enjoyed playing your game and I am sure to give it another try. Thank you for this little project and if you didn't yet do that, you should expand this project and reconsider releasing it as a full game ! XD

For anyone interested I am leaving small reaction video of my experience.

Enjoy !

Hey there,

Well i played through the game and I think its fcking weird .... but I really enjoyed the experience... I know I am weird but the whole concept is very unique and even a little art'sy. I was confused all the time and i know where the idea of putting it on the horror area of the page. I was creeped out by it and I believe that is the point so BRAVO guys, you have the reaction XD Thanks for your hard work !

For anyone interested I recorded a reaction video and I think It is pretty funny so feel free to check it out ( but not before playing the game as you really need to feel it yourself xd )

Enjoy !

Hey there,

The concept of the game is quite nice as it works as an oldish adventure game and yet thanks to few animations and changes in the environment it feels much creepier ;) Atmosphere is everything in the game and is only tool of the creator to work on our imagination , and he does it well ! In one point I was watching behind my chair worried for my life or sanity. Thank you for creating this little title !

Even though It took me a while to get through the game I created a little reaction video for anyone interested. Enjoy !

hi there,

I must say that even though that game is quite short and there is not really a way to divide from the path in the story, game is solid and quite interesting ( I would even say "not so clear"). The atmosphere and elements of the environment doing a good job in keeping you on your toes and graphically as far as pixelated style animation goes it is very nice looking. Sound design also fits the mood of the game. My only problem with this I guess is it is a little too short.

Thank you for your work and I hope to see more projects under your names.

I have recorded a little reaction video that hopefully will be something funny to watch ;) Enjoy

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Well that was interesting concept as I like insanity, and Alex does seem to be kinda insane. I liked the sound design and atmosphere as stellar and kinda simple environment helps to create that uncanny feeling. I had some fun with the game but I can't hide fact that I was disappointed with Alex as without any threatening features he is not much of a danger. Also I feel that I might have miss something in the game as I didn't really understand the mechanics of the game. I had no idea how to properly avoid Alex or what was the meaning of the knocking into the doors. After few changes I would love to see what this game become so keep up the good work!

For anyone interested I will leave my little reaction gameplay video.

Enjoy !

This game is trully amazing !! I feel the vibes simillar to games like or but it seems to have much higher potential. I love the sounds of the game and style of the graphic is something really nice for the eye. I hope you are going to develop this game further or if not you really should. I would happily pay for the full version of this title.

Created a little video of my try on the game for anyone interested.

Thanks !! Keep up the great work !!

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Thank you for this really interesting project. Even tho it is a simple collection type gameplay it is made in kinda unique way. Tense atmosphere as well as really good and realistic graphics create very scary experience ;] The point of the 'story' that game try to hint us is not very obvious and I noticed it after I ended my gameplay but thanks to that I liked it even more. Love the graphics (great use of restricted area), love the sounds, and after some thinking, kinda love the story.

I am leaving my experience in form of video and commentary ( even tho it is butchered by my poor english skill ). Thank you and Enjoy !

Hey the game is really funny and I love the music you are using. Jokes are good and mini games even tho they are tedious at times they are well connected to the 'story' XD I really enjoyed your game, THE GAME

Made a little video if you are interested in some commentary even tho I am butchering your names there and pretty much whole english language XD

Enjoy XD