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I really enjoy this game. And in case you're still working on this project, I think you should know that path strings on Linux (at least on Manjaro Linux using the Opera browser) appear to case sensitive. For example, the folder for that doctor images for the beginning of the game has a capital D, but the image path in the html file has a lower case d, causing those two images to not load. I'm actually in the process of running through all the paths and checking that they're the correct case. If you're interested in knowing any others I find, I'd be happy to help

I haven't quite started playing, but was wondering if it's possible to change any keybindings? I will have to comment again with my opinion shortl

I've tried a few things already and can't seem to make it lead anywhere.

Incase this helps, I have found that visual issue happening in other rooms that have more of a top down perspective (such as the puzzle room)

No problem, glad to help the development process. Is there anywhere better to report future bugs instead of in the comments here?

With the new update, I seem to have found a visual error, likely involved with the Decent Drencher, but possibly also specific to the Isolation fight, and maybe even specific to the spot Isolation was at when I was shooting at him. I don't really have a good way to describe to visual issue, so here's a link to a small video of it happening: 

And to Afterburner Studios and hungovercoder: if more info is needed for this, I will be happy to do my best to narrow down the issue and give the best details I can get

I don't currently have the money to, but when I do, and if the kickstarter is still going at that time, I will vertainly back the project. Thank you for the fantastic game and I look forward to updates!

This game is honestly amazing. It only took me about 1 - 2 hours to complete everything currently in the game, but the randomization of each run keeps it fun for hour after hour. I would greatly recommend this game to anyone.