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This was fun! But there are definetly some copyright infringements in here :D

Nice idea! You could improve it by implementing perfect hits with satisfying feedback for the player.

Or maybe that is already in and I was just too bad :D

Nice parallax effect

Hi, I am confused. Why is the investigator working against me? Is he not trying to save me? And what is the use of the lock button?

Pop-ups are the worst!

I really like the idea

Nice. Must have been hard to create the levels.

Cool! Only thing I find hard is to get into the coop to buy upgrades. But I played until level 3.

Highscore: 3! Yay!

Thanks to everyone for playing and rating my game!

I added three more levels!

It is really rude to duel someone without telling your name. Still a great game! :P

Really cool game.
But I would change the font. And when calculating 22 - 6 / 5, I would expect 21, but it is 20. I think because 20.8 gets rounded. 
I love that there is a story.

I've been going in circles for days.... I just want to leave.

Thanks for the feedback!

This is the best game I have seen so far!

Cool, but I did not understand how the enemies damage is calculated

Cool game. Does the terrain have any effect?

Good idea. Love how the 500 chip walks.

Each side has a different power. Awesome. Combining the powers to progress. Ingenious. Physics based movement is also funny, but sometimes a bit hard. Especially to get started. I still completed it!


Nice idea. I prefer the fire attack.

Thank you, I too wish there were more levels :D
Damn you found the bug! I wrote the code for the last level in the final hour of the submission btw :D

Thank you very much! Both good ideas. Maybe I implement it after the jam.

Great concept! Cute wizard and perfect title. One thing to improve would be the font on the page. You can choose any Google Font for that.

Good that you show the dice that are rollled

The movement by typing the side number is interesting although it takes me very long to move like I want to xD

Very creative interpretation of the theme

The sound when you move the die is very satisfying. And the falling to the next level is great.

We had the same idea! But I liked the special blocks! And the infinity dice bug is funny :D

Glad you liked it!

Thank you!

Overall a beautiful game with nice music. If the scoring would be visualized immediately, I think it would be even more fun (e.g. numbers that pop up next to the houses). 

This one looks really good. The gameplay is very creative. Sometimes you can not really move around much. The box where the die jumps in could look better. The dice rolling controls are better than in The Witcher 2! 

I like the cover art. But I think it crashed somehow when a skeleton came to close to me. Also I missed the dice/randomness part.

I like the monsters. To fit the theme better I would have shown the dice that are rolled. A simple tutorial would help to get started. The game mechanic is fun. And my highlight is Evolution time!

Cute looking game! X and Z are a bit unfortunate for QWERTZ-Keyboards. Nice that enemies slow down when you look into chests. The invisible walls are annoying. I love the main character Oliver.