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sadly still not

Great game, but for some reason every time i start a song (in VR), the level is all the way on the side of my playspace, causing me to hit the wall. Maybe add a way to recenter the level to the playspace? or to where the player is standing?

There is a bug that I noticed, when you select a tower, then press escape and exit, you can still place towers & then restart the game with extra towers..

Otherwise, a fun little game!

I've played this game months back, and it was already an amazing game. 

Now, it's even better. It's cute, its strategic, and it has a decent progression system - and it got bees!

Great game. Visually stunning, the foxes are reactive, and the animals are believable - the only flaw I found so far is that the tracks are usually all over the place, and don't indicate a direction to follow (newer or older tracks), so the tracking tool is cool, but gameplay wise kind of useless.

Otherwise, an absolutely amazing game.

I made a magical tome after the first one without having a quest for it, and the game crashed into a grey screen...

I love it. It has a great foundation to work on, nice aesthetics and is a joy to fiddle around with.

I hope you'll keep working on this, i'd be happy to support it.

Great game, keep working on it and elaborating on the idea!

There is no explanation whatsoever for how it works, and the four buttons don't do anything on Android...