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Honey lemon

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This was a really cool game! It took a while, but it was well worth it. 

Great game, my high score is 449

I love this game so much! 

Great graphics and design! I wan't to know more

I love this so much! Adorable character, btw!! Can't wait for more

Oh my gosh I am in love with this game!

I love this so much! Can there be a second game like this in the future? I want to learn more about them. 10/10 would recommend.

Can you only talk to Idol Waifu to start? 

I love this! <3

This is so cute! I could play this game for hours at a time! (I did)

Well it did it's job! So adorable.

This is adorable! I can't wait for a part 2! Does the cute thing on the left during the beginning screen have any real purpose, other than being adorable that is.

After selecting the character, I found that you cannot get any further than that point. 

Me too

I. LOVE. THIS!!! It is the most fun and creative thing I have done in a while, and I could spend hours just playing around. Can't wait to see more, and will totally play again. 20/10

Okay thank you so much! Don't worry about it!

I... LOVE THIS GAME! The cutest graphics, the most wonderful game play, I could spend hours on this! I would rate it 100/10 if I could. Is this your first game?

This is the cutest game I have ever seen! I could spend hours listening to the onions speaking. So creative!

Okay, thank you! Let me know if/when you can. I have an idea, however. You can set it up like how Bendy and the Ink Machine did, releasing it in different chapters. It will allow you to shrink it down, and keep people coming back.

Can you make this be a web game? My computer won't allow me to download games, and I love the way this sounds... Thanks!

I love this. How it starts off so simple, and gets so deep. Everyone should hear this message. I don't personally make games, but now I feel like I am beginning to feel the struggle. I hope this gets the recognition it deserves. (which is a lot). Also, I have a cat and they are always on my lap when I am trying to work, laying on my keyboard and yelling at the screen when something moves, so I get that too. 10/10

I love this game! Do you have any games like this planned for the future? Or any game at all? 10/10

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I love this game!  Great mechanics and game play. Are there any more games coming out in the future? 20/10

I LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH!!! Do you think you will come out with more games like this in the future? Or have anything planed?

I'm using browser, Chrome, but I don't think I have any of those. Is it the Chrome that is the issue?

Hi. I played the game yesterday and got really close to the light bulbs, but then had to close the tab. When I came back just now, I had to restart the game! Please make it so that it saves your progress.

No level 2? Is there a way to get to the higher levels? I would really like to know, because I love this game and want to play more. 5/5 stars

Aww! My chickens! I wish they didn't have to die... :( 

Okay thank you! You have some real talent! Will there be a sequel or something like it in the future?

Can you make their be an easy and hard mode? Or an easy, hard, and impossible mode? (this would be the hard)

Oh my goodness.

LOL! I love that picture. Looking forward to play it!

Of course! Merry Christmas! The story behind the game is so touching. I'm glad that people still do that.

I love this game! 5 stars! Is there any way to get the dragon the thing he is missing though? I can't find it...

Is there anything else in the game other than delivering the c-balls? Also, I wish that you could pick up more than one. Cute game, though. I hope to see more games in the future.

Your welcome! Is there a part 2 in the future?

OH MY GOODNESS! It left me on the edge of my seat until the end. Five stars.

I really, really wish you are able to save progress though.....