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1. Launch your Quest, select app list and locate Warplanes - hover your cursor over its logo. A [...] icon i bottom right corner will appear. Select it, and select uninstall.

2. Open your apps menu, select unknown sources - if Warplanes: WW1 Fighters is present in that section too - uninstall it as well.

3. Download com.HomeNetGames.WW1oculus_Full.apk from

4. Launch SideQuest App on your PC and upload downloaded apk by clicking this icon

If you already purchased the game on you can get your App Lab key here:

If you didn't make the purchase head to this address to get App Lab version:

Hi, starting and landing are available in modes Realistic, Simulation and Real War. You can also enable them in Custom mode. 

Buttons for changing mode are below the START button on the middle board.  After selecting Custom mode, click on the  gears icon enter mode options.

Hi, it works. Please make sure that our Oculus app is up to date. Don't reedem it on Oculus PC app. If it still doesn't work, try reedem it here:

We'll be supporting all platforms. But I can make a little exception and provide you with Steam key too. Please contact me at from the email you made a purchase on

Hi, did you by any chance connect the controllers during the game is launch? Is your controller on the combpability list?

Why? Can we help you?

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Initially the game was available on, there was always a demo, at the beginning we never promised any keys, because App Lab wasn't announced, and we weren’t sure about the Steam version either. Game was sold “at it was” with a small roadmap and update plans.

Keys are a bonus, a “thank you gift” for our supporters. It’s not a cross-buy. Since March 11 you can make a choice of your favourite platform. If you intend to spend $15, you can check a demo on Steam or sideload a demo from SideQuest to check the performance and gameplay.

At this moment it’s like all other games on multiple storefronts – if you don’t like Steam, you purchase games on GOG or Epic.

Hi, we'll help you - don't worry. Let's go through all the steps.

1. After you purchased the game on you received an email. There is a download link. Can you locate  com.HomeNetGames.WW1oculus_Full.apk on your hard drive (Downloads directory is default)?

2. Turn on and connect your Quest to PC (I assume that you've configured your SideQuest App).  Launch SideQuest app and make sure if dot in top-left corner is green. 

3. If it didn't work - try to delete the demo version from your Quest first.

4. If it didn't work contact us at

Update the game, please - Cloud Save button should be visible in the main screen (where you select campaigns).

We recomment to use recover function on

Yes, but you'll have to download and sideload updates manually. App Lab version will be updated automatically. 

App Lab keys are now uploaded to the database. We've also included purchases made between March 5 and March 12. Please try it now. If it's not working, please contact our support as instructed when you are getting error on 

Yes, you are welcome:

We requested the keys, rest is in the Oculus' hands.

Yes, you can get the Steam keys at the moment:
But I suggest to wait - we can provide you key for one platform Steam or App Lab (if we get the keys).

Yes, save games will be sync between PCVR and APK through HNG Cloud Save.

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No you won't lose your progress, both builds share the same APP ID. However to be 100% sure we encourage to utilize our HNH Cloud Save from the main menu.

ps. no update on keys, we are still waiting.

Multiplayer / co-op is cross-platform.

We did that, but they have to review our request.

Please read the note. We don't have the keys yet. If we get them, we'll provide you with instructions.

Please contact our support and attach purchase confirmation.

We don’t know at the moment. We requested Oculus for the keys and we are waiting for their response. If we get them – we’ll need some time to set up our key distribution system.  Bookmark following note for updates:

Not at the moment, but it's planned.

As you purchased it on you will get your steam version for free.


We are sorry for your problem. Please reboot your headset. Please download and install the game again. When you purchased the game once all updates will be free.

As for lost savegame:

- from current version you can save your progress on the Cloud Save - so it will be save and can be shared between devices.

- contact our support on.

and we will send you ingame money via gift code so you can repurchase an reupgrade all your lost planes.

All comfort options are in the demo version. 

Multiplayer is also included in the demo version. 

90hz is implemented on Quest2 during the missions. In the base it is 72 hz but resolution is boosted to help with texts and pictures on the table.

On the new Oculus update (25), you can create a separate account for your brother. On this account, he will have a separate save game.

In the first PC version terrain  geometry will be more smooth and detailed (already done).  

We will later add better ground textures too. 

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Download the nevest version. In the base choose multiplayer icon (left table ivon with 2 planes at the bottom). Sesrch or create a session and play. 

Those are early days so not many players are available. It is best to setup multiplayer with your friend. 

Gsme has 6 servers around the world so you should check if you snd your friend are on the same server.

When in game make sure that your radio is on an mic is on. (Radio is a 3d object in your cockpit).

Hi Zetar

Since last week we have redone flying simulation physics. It will not happen in the next version. Planes will stall, lose momentum during tight maneuvers and behave like real planes. 

When a mission objective is to destroy trucks -they are hiding in the forest or sitting on a field. 

When a mission objective is to destroy a convoy - then they are on the road. 

The Real war mode on the missions with bombers assist is problematic. We will try to solve this issue. 

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when flying banked 90 degrees plane is being dragged side by lift and down by gravity - this is simulated and you can check it by flying close to the ground.

However, I forgot about slight changes in rotation. Thas for pointing it out. I just implemented it. 

Thanks for the help, and hope to see you soon in a multiplayer flight :)

Thank you :)

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Pitch and yaw on thumbstick work in Arcade mode. In realistic and simulation modes thumbstick controls the rudder. Arielions and the elevator are controlled by grabbing the stick.

In the next version we will add options to customize controls.

Yes ;)

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Thanks for this suggestion. 

We implemented a smooth edge of the comfort zone and dynamic comfort zone - kicking in during faster maneuvers. Controlled by the second slider in the settings.

It will be available in the next update.

We fixed the issue with looking up in version 0.9. 

In version 1.0 you may take off, make a free flight to feel the plane and admire your base, and land again without going to the mission. Just keep altitude below 1km. This should constitute a free flight. 

Planes don't turn when you bank - actually, they turn a little in the opposite direction - which I know as adverse yaw - and it is correctly implemented. We have professional pilots helping us with the physics and feelings of flight. And yes it may be strange at the beginning.

Sightings on the Levis gun will be added in version 1.1 as we will add new planes with gunner sit.

You need to download the full apk from and install it.

Here are the instructions:

Thank you, player's feedback means a lot to us. We are tool to make a game you want to play :)

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Hi! What do you mean hard drive? You are just downloading APK from, you don't have to install APK on your PC's hard drive. Use SideQuest PC app to upload it to your Oculus Quest. Please follow the manual: