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Any information about the release date? I can't wait anymore!

The dice throws, for example, renderr you capable to do superhuman feats even if you're just a poor old smith. I suggest to add some kind of minor action mechanic so that you can still escape and do your stuff when something in rp turns wrong without having to end your turn and hope for the dice. Also there should be a mechanic to do more heavily interlaced stories, because now it's a nightmare to do. The main thing is the turn limit, me and my group wanted to keep playing but it was almost impossible after the turn limit, so maybe find a way to make ALSO long campaign and to have more kingdoms than one with different problems. I hope it's useful and good luck with the 2nd edition, I'm looking forward to it.

Nice game, needs some more polishing toug

I won't define it as an RPG, or a game at all. BTW the idea is nice, but you should not advertise it as an RPG, man this has nothing that can be defined as "game".

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I plan on using the MYNT system as a base, adding combact rules, classes, skills and a leveling system.  The main theme for the RPG should be Retrofutiristic and take place in an alternative 2040 with cyberpunk and dark fantasy elements. In short is an “If 90’s and 80’s action movie did really  happened”.

Thanks for the response.

Hi, I was wondering if I can use MYNT as a base for others RPG, could it be possible?