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Thank you :)) yes, I love Amanita Design's work. Especially Machinarium

Thanks! :)

Thank you for playing and making the video!! :)


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Thanks, have fun (hopefully)!!

Omg <3 That made my day!

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Aaah okay, I saw now the sneaky spikes;) I thought it was a bug, because there was no animation of me dying, immediately going back to the checkpoint;)) and I didn't notice the trap, as the game is going quite fast, so I was focusing on the correct notes. I managed to reach the end this time, waiting for more! Oh and if you manage to synchronize better the notes we click with the music, that would be perfect, but I know that may be quite difficult task.
And thank you for the compliment :)

Great game - but quite difficult! I made it through a couple of levels but then gave up. Sometimes it was more of a luck than tactics - I was closing my eyes and hoping for the best;)) maybe you can improve that. Otherwise it was really fun to plan and great idea!


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Hi Nina, your game is I think the first I clicked and I enjoyed it, especially the smile on husky's face:) And what a story...I admire you for still managing to submit the game nevertheless of the circumstances. Are you safe? I'm from Poland and the only thing people talk about now is helping Ukraine. People are arriving here all the time. I really hope this get resolved soon and my heart goes to you. We're in this together!

That's..realistic. I always lose here, is that the point to show the badness of gambling? Nice atmosphere of the games!

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Great game!! Really fun to play. Nice graphics and music too. I didn't get to shoot much - can I only shoot if I get damaged by enemy? I would like to shoot more;) Because otherwise there is no point in having the tank really? I also wasn't sure if I'm doing well or not. And perhaps found a bug: 1 enemy can destroy 2 stones on their way and leaves only 1 diamond. I suppose 1 enemy should destroy only 1 stone?

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Wow, amazing! Love the music, graphics and idea. 5/5 I think it's buggy? At some point it was constantly bringing me back to a checkpoint even though I was clicking the right keys (I know piano, so the only issue is playing on touchpad, but I'm pretty sure I got it all right each time...). I would love to play it once it done and learn the story behind it.

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Very cool! Had fun 5/5

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Cool! Not sure how it fits into the theme?

Ok I'm terrible at playing platformers, but this is good idea - pushing blocks reminds me of Sokoban :) Pretty!


Fun and imaginative! :D

Thanks so much!!!

Love it! So cute and fun to play. Congrats! The only thing that bugged me was that I had to click 'try again' and then also 'play', imo the second one is not needed. Great job.

I hear ya

Thanks! I can understand, it's even been proved wind makes people irritated.. I am ambivalent, it depends if I'm at home or not when its windy I guess;)

Thanks so much for the kind words, I'm happy you liked it :) Yes my mind goes weird places a lot, but it seems so normal to me that I'm always surprised that it's weird to everyone xD But I can imagine this may not make sense at first, but in a way it does. I hope.

Thank you so much!! <3

Thanks!! Sure, I'd love to try your game soon!!

Thank you very much <3

Thanks! Great idea with the line. I was also thinking that the shadows may interconnect, will have to try different options to see how it looks. However they were already less cramped up than in the beginning;))

Thank you very much for the feedback! Yes, a couple people mentioned as well that it's not clear where the leaves should go, so I definitely should make that clearer somehow. I only had weekend to program it so I was happy the game worked;)) I was also thinking about levels or at least different modes. Thanks for the idea - I wonder if PBSkids would accept game from an "outsider", or how to go about it..

Thanks! I can see I rated it already :)

Beautiful! Some icons are hard to read and sometimes I don't know what's going on;) The UI reminds me of Dune 2. Good job!

Cool, waiting for it!

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Beautiful  and fun! Great job. I like the music a lot, but the theme during the play seems a bit sad for this kind of game..I love that you used African instruments to play with and that this theme is consistent within music and artwork.

Looks great and it's fun and easy to understand :) I gathered huge population and not sure what to do with it later ;) Would be great if expanded. Good job.

Cool and cute game! But the king moves too fast;)) and I'm falling off the stairs a lot, don't know why. But I'm not good at platformers. 

The graphics are very cool, and it feels fun, until very scary in the end when I was eaten :o the laser didn't work on the monster, I wasn't sure what's happening and when I did it was too late. Not sure what's the objective. But I'm curious to see what you do with it. Love the "pew, pew" sounds ;))

I love the idea and art, but placing the planks didn't work for me, not sure what I'm doing wrong. However, I would like to play it when it's finished!

The concept of building houses to destroy them next turn was indeed eye opening ;)) I see that as a comment on the absurds of mankind. I found out I'm better at building than destroying;) Had to turn off sounds, either they don't work or they're not nice to the ear. But generally very fun idea!