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Incredible work! Despite the cover image

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Much much better! great work btw!

Edit: Using embed tres animation texture seems make the file size quite large.cause it may be lack some compression?

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Is it possible to make custom frame rate capture,cause a 0.56 seconds animation captured spritesheet is always 5 frames. I want to sample 10 frames to make the animation looks smoother.

Draw 7 cards without busting the 21? That’s insane :D

No, how to achieve alternative ending?

Your card game is awesome!

BTW, Thanks for playing~

Great Work! Simple and Easy to understand rules, It will be more fun to add some little juicy effect !

Good concept! The music BPM change make the detail even better!

Some camera movement was a little buggy ,but other part are just great, though I don’t enjoy the struggling , made me mad at my keyboard :)

I just made some repair on the game play, include a bullet count and a restart button.

But to design a beignner guide is a too lot to ask ,since I just try to build a card game test.

That’s why I upload a gameplay video on the game page.

Thanks for playing.It’s very kind of you to leave a pertinent review.

Thanks for playing! I guess game play could be better with extra effort on tutorial stuff.

Great Game!

Great game! though the chip click-drag part is a bit of buggy

great idea!

Thanks for playing ;D

Thanks :)

Thanks for playing! The sprite art are actually from I waste most of time debug that claw display. Due to relative and global coordinate problem. I learned a lot during this game jam and really enjoy the process

Thanks for playing~

Yes, thought it might be easy and fun. But while developing, I realized how much work Cult Simulator had done to ease the learning curve and improve the game pace.

Thanks for playing my very first game, and hope you’ll enjoy it~

Nice game! Struggle the first minute due to 5 seconds sudden death, but once I notice there is sort of swing operates ,it isn’t hard to reach the top.

Thanks! I struggle to upload to due to poor network connection. Here is it : energyoflife

:D Had to admit I’m not a story teller

Thanks for playing~ I’ll change the game a little easy and finish the story line, and add a accelerate button ,adjust the normal speed a little slower today

The game’s current speed is a little bit fast(because I hate to wait while debug)