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Is there away to win the fight with Teak?



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😭👌🏾 yes

That's a really cool idea, I can't wait to see it in action.

Now I feel stupid, thanks for the help.

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Is anyone having problems downloading Android version because I am.

Edit I mean installing it after downloading it.

You need to add Bara in the tag to pull more people in. 

Playing this in the middle of midnight really scared the hell out of me😖, love it.


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This was in the last update to every time I put on self-voicing enabled I get Windows script host, other than that I still can play it without it enabled.

All good, that was my first thought my phone work with it so thanks for helping me out . :)

yeah I did  I holding Shift+G when launching the game and  try a different renderer , I think it's my old laptop  the problem I really hop that not it.

Thanks for the advice but it didn't work but I really appreciate you helping me.

I think can be very interesting story but I think you need someone to go over your writing in spelling.

hardscale daddy

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You really need some sad music cuz you're happy music really throws off the mood of the story you're writing in this update.

thank you

I can start the game no problem but I can't read any of the words on the start screen  literally I can't make out any of the words out  on  my windows laptop and when I load a save same thing happens.

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I think you have windows and linux together and it's given problems playing it?


that's understandable.

is Android coming soon please say yes  XD

Is anyone having problem downloading  Android version right now?

You thinking of adding a Android version soon?

I really like it so far can't wait for more keep it up.

so cute:)

Really good VN I can't wait for more.

so how do you pilot it when it's on all fours when you're stand up?

Maccon love for everyone!XD

Liking the new CG

 when your talking about disabled dateable characters I think be more pacific of the type of disability, because when people hear the word disabled first think they may think about would be the worst.

Little bug when pick to put on official summit wear you have a stats that  stay on the screen throughout the gameplay, other than that really good update.

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Really good VN can't wait to see more of this VN, I really have only have two small problem with the VN Diego neck I feel like his neck is a little to long other then that I like Diego. secondly, the scene with the characters can feel a little to short sometime but a really good VN in all keep up the good work :D


yeah have no idea why isn't working.

I really don't know if  I need 7z version, sorry I'm not much of help. some people on itch post two or three version of them to cover if someone is having problem downloading games.

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I'm using a Chromebook when I first download your game before all your fixes and it was working fine, up until I download a new one so I delete old one version for your fixes version. tried your other games they work find 

I wonder if it's because it's a zip?

 I download the newest update the image folder and the html are in the same folder and it is still not working,  so I tried  download it on my computer that use windows and it's working, is maybe Linux the reason why my laptop won't show image's when playing the game.