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 when your talking about disabled dateable characters I think be more pacific of the type of disability, because when people hear the word disabled first think they may think about would be the worst.

Little bug when pick to put on official summit wear you have a stats that  stay on the screen throughout the gameplay, other than that really good update.

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Really good VN can't wait to see more of this VN, I really have only have two small problem with the VN Diego neck I feel like his neck is a little to long other then that I like Diego. secondly, the scene with the characters can feel a little to short sometime but a really good VN in all keep up the good work :D


yeah have no idea why isn't working.

I really don't know if  I need 7z version, sorry I'm not much of help. some people on itch post two or three version of them to cover if someone is having problem downloading games.

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I'm using a Chromebook when I first download your game before all your fixes and it was working fine, up until I download a new one so I delete old one version for your fixes version. tried your other games they work find 

I wonder if it's because it's a zip?

 I download the newest update the image folder and the html are in the same folder and it is still not working,  so I tried  download it on my computer that use windows and it's working, is maybe Linux the reason why my laptop won't show image's when playing the game.

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Story TeamZorro but I  just download your newest update and now all your image are not working.

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I hear you can meet the wolf in a alternate scene but all I have been able to get is his drunkard fights, just wondering if anyone knows how to it.

I love your writing it's different and funny keep it up. 

that's good to hear.:)

gil was a dingo I thought he was a kangaroo JK XD.

is this 0.171 or 0.170?

Stay safe monchimutt. 

he's looking good.XD

(1 edit) this VN need some love :D

This is really good can't wait for more in the next update.

okay thanks.

tool tip window stays up.

found a bug when picking spare langou and putting on it the stat for it stay's up.

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this came out just when I was about to come off my computer why!! 


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I need to know more more I want to see what happens, why do I have to see " To be continued " when it was about to get really. 

hum I don't where that come from,well I can't wait to see more of this in the new update next time.


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sorry I don't know where the new update is in the game, can anyone help?

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it's on the top right of your screen when your playing. 

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you can load a save from the main menu and about load save when in or not in a conversation you can do that too.

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I love this guys.

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this is looking good I can't wait for more of this.


it's all good I was look for any reason to start over thank for helping me.

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yeah I didn't get that quest so maybe I need to start a new game right ?

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I just had the head and the tail.

it was in the day when I talk about the statue.

i did talk to her about a gate but all I said was there still some missing pieces for the lizard statue do i need to find more pieces before I to talk to her and she asks for an egg of a lizardperson, beasuse do not see any quest like that do I have to start over my game?

dose anyone know where you find the Corrupted Lake

you need to add Bara on your tag too, it should make it way more easier to find your game.

This title screen is nice nothing bad to say about it.

this is a really good story I can't to see more of this  :)