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I'm excited! Looking forward to it. :)

cool Mac is coming maybe, Try your best.

XD so good.

I can wait XD


Will this be playable on Mac soon?

I can't wait to see more of this.

The ending was SO GOOD, It's sad that this VN is going to be on break, but I can't wait to see your new visual novel, keep up the hard work.

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Will this be on Mac soon? 

I can not download the mac version on itch is something wrong?

 Take your time take all the time you need.

love this, keep up the hard work, can't wait to see what happens next

We appreciate all the hard work you do.

The story The arts and music really puts me into the characters feelings throughout the whole story,And the ending is so melancholic mix with  the music and art I couldn't  help but feel emotional at the end .

 This surpasses all the other VN's of this jam by quality  hands down.

YAY more monster, and i can us the self voicing nice bonus. XD

good luck, I can't wait to see where you go with this.

This hit hard and close to home for me, And you portrayed it so well, keep up the good work.

is anyone having problems downloading the game on there itch application seem to not give me the option,  I can download if i go to itch website but that's all? 

I love this I can't wait for more.

will there be a Mac version out soon?

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I'm sorry did I tell you that you shouldn't be upset at all, all I said to CrimsonRaj is he shouldn't be that upset because you have the option to walk away, or if his paying a 10, 5, 1 dollar a month for this game and walk away losing nothing much on their side.

the way he comes off in his comment is a little entitled is all.

this is just a VN there is no need to be this upset that someone isn't updating us on why they have not updated their game on time.

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This happen when trying to use save game or load on mac. 

Looking good XD

All good now thanks.

I tried to play the game but it's still on 1.0 and it's saying there's no updates, I uninstall it and reinstall it to see if the update went through but the to be continued is still in the same spot, I play on Mac so it would be that Mac is the only one having this problem maybe?

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will this come out to mac soon?

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Is anyone getting this problem to when launching the  game it's working find warning about flashing light, but when I get pass that I get a black screen with the music playing in the background.

This is good so far can't wait see where this goes.

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does anyone know how get the glass eye to work when your in the bath with Rune and the others so you can give it to Rune later?

I can't wait.

Do you have a hint on the eye how do you get it to work?

(Internal screaming) 0h a update maybe I play right now. XD

you may need to play thought his route with a new save to fix the bug, like start over  go on the main menu and go New Game to get Richard route fix.


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Can't wait to see this novel.

Nice story so far can't wait for more.

it's all good, take your time and recover we can wait.

when you press start butten after a few sentences it Crashes.

fun game.