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Maybe the later choice come in to play later.

yeah, thank you! :)

can wait to see that 😊

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looking good

RandomVNGamer, I think Parker is still chub it just his clothes cover him.


love this game keep the good work going.

I love this game and its old art was really good, but now your new art is even better, I think you waiting to improve your art really shows. also, your new ideas and world-building seem really great I can't wait to see that in your game, and about the wait for the update, I think we can wait a bit longer so take your time.

Well I'm looking forward to it


your Discord Server link isn't working ?

Love this game can't wait to see more of this, o I don't know if you know about this bug but when you enter your house from outside just when the time of day changes tonight it makes the hole screen into black, I can still move my character it just a black screen so I went back through the door again and that fix it.

looking forward to the next update:)

I love Lars day 3 keep the good work going and don't think I didn't see you plug in another game in there  :) 

Wait your working on a new visual novel I can't wait to play. :)

I really didn't see that ending coming and bye the way i got the good ending . 

love your video update pretty funny to watch, I love the change you added to your game I can't wait to see them, maybe you should get a cookie for all the hard work you did so far lol. P.S love the tiger.

Good to know your still work on this 

looking good, your really working hard try not to push yourself to hard okay. :)

Nice game i hope to see more 

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The quick time event was really a good idea, and the rework of the begin of the story really pull me in nice work keep it up.  👍

And by the way sometime the main character horn where the chunk is missing, it would switch side sometime I don't know if you seen it, it happen when the main character turns to the left.

I think he said that you can turn it off or on if you want.

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I love the game, I can't wait to see the new update.