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I started using the desktop (electron) version on macos and when I click on the "save to browser" button, the game is indeed saved but impossible to know where the file is.
I need to know where the file is for versioning or just even cleaning purposes (also I was trying to access the same saved game from different accounts and it did not work so it would help to know where the file is in a lot of situations)

This is not a problem to use an external editor for maps and sprites, it is even better since we can use very good dedicated programs like aseprite without any problem.
No need to bother with exporting individual tiles or some special format since GB studio recognizes automatically the tiles from the PNG files!!!!

The music editor also allows for 4 tracks which is enough to make good music.

I have tested bitsy and pulp, rpg maker, pico-8 and a bunch of others but GB studio is the one that is the easiest to make completely original content without bothering with import/export problems. It has the best balance of all the 8/16 bit game maker platforms around!!!

Keep up the good work!!!! (a better/compact interface for the events would be easier to see though)

GODSEND!!!! At least a simple plugin that does the wordwrapping stuff correctly for MZ!!!!! It save my day (and a few more)

Yes, the same way it is done on Bitsy and Playdate PULP, I would really be happy with such a feature! (Though I don't want the picture support to drop, so it would be best as an addition and not a replacement)

I have tried Pico-8, TIC-80, BITSY, Playdate PULP but GB Color is by far the best game development system for non programmers fo the following reasons :

- It uses PNG files so its easy to make art with any image editor

- Relation between rooms is displayed visually and easy to relate

- Sprite animations, dialogues, sprite interactions can all be made easily without programming

- Powerful variable use is also possible

- Less limitations and more colors than bitsy and PULP

- Extremely comprehensive sample projects

Of course it is not web based and it takes a bit of time to compile, it is not possible to edit the sprites pixel by pixel like in Bitsy and Pulp, but the advantage of using an external sprite editor overcomes this problem (though I would like a sprite editor at least as good as Playdate PULP integrated in GB Color. A web interface for creating games would be nice as well.

I took me some time to understand how to use the IDE though. Even though sample projects are nice you should have a 5 minutes tutorial on the top of this page showing how to create a simple character, 2 rooms, collision, and dialogue interaction so beginners would feel at home and those who want something a bit more powerful than Bitsy would understand they found it!