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I bought this on my Switch the day the pre-purchase was available (5-14). I don't use my PC for games so was waiting for the console release. Seriously, thank you for this masterpiece. I'm only just getting to chapter 3 as I'm taking my time to savor the game as much as possible. 

I've waited since 2004 for a new, proper Paper Mario game to be announced. 16 years and knowing in my heart it will never happen, that Intelligent Systems has moved on and changed their definition of Paper Mario. 

Then out of the woodwork, about a year ago I hear about this indie game. I watched the trailer and knew that finally someone understands what made those first two games so great and someone decided to make what the first party developers have no interest in making anymore. 

I can't express just how much this game means to me. I will be following your studio very intently. You've made an instant classic.

And for the record, the game really is fantastic and not just because it can be compared to Paper Mario. The world design, characters and dialogue are all very well done. It looks amazing and the soundtrack is great. All around this really is an incredible work of art.

Do you have enough charge for whatever familiars attack you're trying? Theres a line displayed on the purple charge meter that shows how much is needed per attack. I cant say what keyboard and mouse controls are but on the gamepad the default is X (xbox controller)/ Y (Nintendo controller). It's simply just tapping the button if you have enough charge to perform. Some take a second to enact.

Ah, I see. I did in fact talk to the priest. I skipped it my first playthrough so didn't know what would happen. Thank you for telling me. Short of replaying the game, I can't revert that can I?

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Unsure if anyone can help: I have Lucah: Born of a Dream on my Switch. I'm playing through it again, hunting the additional sacraments. I've so far beaten the game through the neutral ending and started new game plus so have seen sacraments 1 and 5.

On my current playthrough I found sacrament 2 in the pit before the radio tower. I just completed it and upon returning back to the radio tower, I no longer have my familiars. *EDIT* My familiars aren't even in my inventory anymore. It's like I never unlocked them. Is that normal? If anyone can help, it'd be greatly appreciated. Thank you. 

Great game by the way. Bought it the day it released on Switch because the visuals are some of the best I've ever seen in any game.