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unity dev

sorry, but i've turned down many offers to collaborate recently

yeah thanks lmao

i haven't updated this game for ages though

the description says that scope has been removed (although i think scoping is mentioned in-game)

that's cool and i respect your idea for an fps game

anyways, my advice is to check out other fps games, and see what's so fun about those. i see that you're going around itch right now, which is good, but you should also check out some larger fps games

you sent the same suggestion in karlson lmao

it says it at the top of the page

check out the newer version

first, this is old

second, it isn't based off of karlson. if anything, it's based off of 

very cool "game", i really loved the concept of the real game not starting for a while, but best of all, you won't get cancelled on twitter because of your ukraine touch at the end!

he did make the music

in the second video's description

he'll release, it says in the video

learned it the hard way

it's the f key lmao

thanks man, that really helped, now tell me why the ai is terrble


sound is a problem, but you also just have a skill issue my guy thanks

coming later dw

and also a tip for the console, when building, uncheck "development build"

it literally says that it's a development build in the bottom right corner bruh

thank me later mf


i do see your other games and i see that you are completely capable

this looks like the unity-made fps microgame, i recommend that you delete this and work on your own fps game

that's a nice addition, might add

thanks, any feedback?

also you're better than ssrrules


game better than most scratch games

- critic

for some reason, it doesn't occur for most people

this problem keeps occuring, i'll find a fix

on the next version, i'll include an x32 build, thanks for letting me know

i wouldn't say impossible, just hard


i have more levels, and about the scope, i might remove it because i redesigned the levels and the scope would be absolutely useless then


lmao you fucker

can you do anything using unity other than copying unity sample/demo projects?

you should at least try to remove the fucking console

oh wait, you can't

you're too stupid

im fucking tired of people like this

for the jumpscares

sure i might

i did some of that before but i removed it

lmao thanks for the feedback

yes, i am working on a volume slider