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Damn, that's balance. Love the execution. Great job! :D I'll definitely get the next one!

Buy it here people!

Yep, you're totally right. At the beginning we wanted that to be the main missing mechanic of the game but after a lot of hours we realised that that was probably not enough, so we added some changes at the end of the game that makes you play the game again with a different mindset. But yeah, it probably isn't enough.

Oh! And many thanks for the feedback! Thanks for taking the time to play our game :D 

We could put W/up as a jump, but we though that using the spacebar would put your hand in a more relaxed position thus letting you use the mouse with more freedom and avoid accidentally pressing the up key when moving fast.

Thanks for the Feedback! It's much appreciated :D. The game has a twist at the end witch makes you replay with a different mindset. The idea was not to remove the mechanic by hand but make the player ban that mechanic on by itself.  But now I realise that we should've made it more clear from the begging.

We accidentally removed the one that was submit to the jam and we couldn't re upload it in time :( 

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This is a short platformer which will take around half an hour to finish it the first time. You'll probably want to repeat the experience. The main point of this game is that it changes the gameplay on the second round totally.

Platformer with counter-intuitive collisions and another surprise mechanic :D

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, many thanks!