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You're welcome! Syd is just a cool protagonist, I can definitely see why players prefer Jayda after the Demo, since we got one full Social Event dedicated to her, and if I'm guessing correctly, the next Social Event, the march in Sydney, is going to be Steph's time to shine. Maisy has some catching up to do it seems.

And I'm not trying to rush you with the release date or anything. I just think it's funny that a story which span about over a month in-universe time would take up so many words.

I just re-visited the game, and honestly compared to some of the western anime-like VNs I've been enjoying recently, this game is still up there in terms of dialogues. They're funny and charming without feeling like trying too hard, kinda like Hunny-Pop kind of comedy but toned down. Also Syd defending Jayda's art without telling anyone the secret was an awesome scene.

Finished a full Steph run, and I noticed some dialogues at her last FTE that reference the Equal Marriage Rights March like they were there before,  so that's probably an oversight, but this Demo is a year ago so I can't be sure. Anyway I just wondering if there's a release date planned. My twitter account is down right now so I can only ask through I'm afraid.

I could select the potion and select the enemy to use it on, but when I press confirm nothing happened.

Short but fun game. A question though, how do you use potions in this game? I tried to use items but nothing happened.

Love it. I didn't even realize how much potential the Ren'py engine has until this game. I'm in awe.

I like the characters a lot, even the side ones. Stuart is a surprisingly mature dude, and Albie is just a little trooper. 

The main girls of course are amazing and fun to hang out with. I can't wait to see more of their story lines in the finished game. Steph's situation hits a bit close to home, so here's hoping we'll be helping her out. Jayda's happiness seems to be dependent on our choice, so it'll be a bit scary. Maisy, boy does she love giving mixed signals. Waiting for the day she can properly confront her feelings.

All in all this is just a great demo that I plowed through none-stop. Keep up the good work for the finished product.

Sorry, first time doing any of this. I'll try to follow your instruction.

Yo, sorry for the late answer. You can the game translate to your language.

Cool game, but I'm just curious. What is the plot of this game, exactly? Is it to woo one of the demon ladies, or rebel against the corporate culture or something?

Good idea! This game is also inspired by Danganronpa's class trial, but without the minigames.

Dang. Simple but super effective!

Thanks for playing my guy!

Ayyy, thanks for playing my game.

Hey, I like it!

Hey, thanks!

Short but super fun game! Although I still can't figure out how to get the loophole...

Honestly this one might be my favorite out of the three, so I'm glad you like it. And do share it with your friends! And maybe a fanart or two because I need the attention.

Hey there, thanks for enjoying my games!

better late than never lmao. I need as much people playing my game as possible

Sandy is the only one who thinks she's trash waifu lol

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What has your friend Sandy been up to lately, you wonder. A short story about you and the anti-social nerd Sandy Trass.

Thanks for enjoying my 2 games, and thanks for the kind comment! I'll work to improve my writing and art to make even better games in the future.

Thanks for enjoying my game!  I'll see what I can do, since I'm still new to writing and making games

Thank you!

Well shucks, if you think Sandy is a good charcter then maybe I can think up of something. Thanks for enjoying the game!

Sandy's story pretty much ended there. I'm working on a different short story, but if it's demanded enough I might write more about her.