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Thank you so much. Glad you found it helpful!

You need a file compression tool like 7zip.

Thanks for the feedback. You should download the 7z Windows file. The zip file was supposed to be hidden!

Ported it to mac, no way of testing it though. Hopefully it works!

Thank you for the feedback. I truly appreciate it. This is how I improve, so don't be sorry. In a matter of fact I would love to hear more in the future.

I am working on the bug you mentioned. Regarding the graphics I feel that I reached a stage were I have graphics that are acceptable, and considering my budget and the fact that it's a self funded project, improving the graphics isn't a priority. However, improving the language level is, especially since English is not my first (or even second) language and language is very important in such project. I am planning to invest in some professional editing / proofreading. 

Thanks for the comment. A browser version is in the works. I hope to have it out a week from now. Keep checking back!

Thank you for your comment! I am really glad you found it helpful! In addition to the thoughts presented in the game, some of the mechanics used (for example pressing specific buttons) are based on neuro-cognitive tests and would (theoretically at least) make the process of learning the therapeutic techniques more effective. 

Yes, Mv.

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I am a psychiatrist working on a video game to help people deal with emotional difficulties, while at the same time being entertaining and with interesting gameplay mechanics. I strive to make a true video game and not a therapeutic app. My game relies on evidence based approaches to treat anxiety and other emotional issues.

After playing with it for a few hours I think this is a great product, with a very reasonable asking price. Thank you!  

As stated there are thousands of possible combination, and I managed to get around most of the small issues, like different clothing items not lining up, and even managed to create the feeling of different body types by playing a little with the dimensions using GIMP. However, the most obvious limitation from my point of view is that there's only one pose for the busts. This will get noticeable for most players after spending a few hours playing a game made with these assets, and for most non artist game makers, it's not something that's easy to fix with an image editing software. I think even one additional pose can go a very long way in making the characters feel unique and diverse, and not just generics made with an engine. I know you are planning different body types, I hope that they come with different poses as well, and that we could have at least one additional pose in the near future.

Again, overall it's a great product! 

Hi, amazing work! Is commercial use OK? And does the pack contain some normal modern vehicles, in addition to the futuristic looking ones?

Looks great! Does it contain assets that could be used for a hospital, including sprites for different staff members (doctor, nurse...)?