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Lapin Andrey (Jandar-man)

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Thanks) ^..^

We need VR version. Where is it? Hurry! Make VR version too

Wow!) 1st place on this jam! It's hard to dream about more! I'm grateful to everyone who played my demo and liked it on the corresponding facebook page. Without you all this would be impossible. So - Thank you very much!

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Btw - If you want to go through this demo, follow Alyx

Try it now

Thanks to all those who waited for this demo. I hope you enjoy it.

Full Demo has been finally released

Release date of full demo - 02.11.2017 or 03.11.2017

Release date - november 3.

I've uploaded "Coming soon" version of my demo. It's very-very small compare to what it looks like in full version. Full version of demo will be available in a few days or so. To run this version of demo just unpack the archive and you will find shortcut that i placed in it. To exit from demo bring up a console and type in "Exit" and hit enter or just press Alt + F4

PS: Demo still in development stage.

Ok. Thank you! We will keep this in mind

It seems that there will be no extra time. Well - in any case, I will not be able to complete it sooner than in a few days and I have to release my demo later, because I do not want to show it like it cut off and undone at minimal what i have planned to do

Demo will be released in few days. I wanted to release it until jam finishes, but seems like i'll late a little bit. Late because want to finish my demo before show it to people.

Demo will be released in a few days or so

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It just became interesting to know about this. After all, there may be people who may not have time to finish work on their demos before the end of the competition and they may need some little extra time. Is it possible to consider the delivery of works late from such participants as valid and consider the reason for their delay to be valid? And if so, how much extra time is there for those who are late? By extra time i mean 1 or 2 days.

Thanks in advance!

Ok. Thanks for quick reply

For example:
Can we use assets from Black Mesa Source to archieve goal of this jam?

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Hello to everybody! My name is Andrey and i decided (why not) to participate in this jam. Currently project is on prototype stage, but anyway - i need teammates who can help me in making this project. Anyone can help. Rules are simple - There will be no CEO or Project leader here and nobody prefers to do anything. If you see that you can not do this or that thing, then you can move on to another.  No ambitious goals pursued here. Only one goal here is matters - to make a decent game in HL universe.

Link to discord server :