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ah thanks for the feedback. I’m not working on this project for now. “escape” key works. will be annoying a bit since you’d have to press it twice and then click to get focus again.

New update out now! Don’t miss out on spreading the germs in a safe environment during the quarantine!

seems like it could be a cool game. Couldn’t figure out what to do… as soon as I turn on the machine (left switch) it says shutdown in 3…

TP :) Good twist on the old snake game. Fun to play. if you try to turn quickly you die. Would be better if you couldn’t die that way.

Good gameplay, graphics and sound effects. Was fun to play.

Glad you liked the game :) updates coming up this weekend.

It does make sense. I had that and meal prep in mind, but would need more time to make them happen. Stay tuned for the updates :)

Thanks for trying the game.

Thanks for trying the game. I’m updating the game this weekend to have more actions. Stay tuned!

Thanks for trying out the game. I’m planning to update the game this weekend with more actions and even more sound effects lol. Check back again.

The graphic and look of the jello is very well done. The rest of the game needs more content, balance and polish. After playing it twice I’m not sure if there is more to do.

Cute game and matches the lots of theme well. Couldn’t get the cats to go into the hole… They.d hang around the hole but very rarely go into it.

Nice polished puzzle game. Perfect match for the theme. If I wasn’t going through 20+ games today I’d keep playing.

Thanks for trying the game! Glad you liked the concept. Yeah a jam game is bound to be buggy. Hopefully I’ll get around to make it into something more fun and engaging.

haha thats a great idea, i’ll add it to the game hopefully :)